What Value Will You Add This Week?

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    13 replies to "What Value Will You Add This Week?"

    • Carey Yerger

      Target market

    • Jonathan Roach

      Your income is also correlated to the margin of sale created between the cost of the product/service and the gross commission lol 😂, but YES Terry you are CORRECT! Providing value to YOUR audience is the name of the game.

      • Terry Petrovick

        People ONLY buy something when they get VALUE.
        No Value = 🚫 No Sales ❌

      • Jonathan Roach

        I agree, truthful knowledge is VALUE and you share good information. People love when you expose things that don’t work and explain things that do.

      • Terry Petrovick

        Truthful knowledge? That’s the only kind you will get from me. This is why the radio show I had was called “Straight Talk” I have a zero tolerance for people who aren’t coming from a place of integrity. Integrity is not something that you need to talk about on FB Lives, FB posts or from the stage. It is something you are, especially when no one is looking.

      • Jonathan Roach

        I completely agree

      • Paula Vetter

        Terry Petrovick,AMEN!

    • Jonathan Roach


    • Mike Walker

      Facebook, Target Market

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