What questions should YOU be asking your bank right now? Note this recording ends at 13:45. There was a technical hiccup that kept the recording going…LOL! It’s all good. I hope you get some value from this conversation.

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    6 replies to "What questions should YOU be asking your bank right now?"

    • Tony Ak

      If my business clients wish to speak to someone about a like of credit, or increasing an existing LOC, can Fidelity Bank of NC assist with that?

    • Tripp Mehew

      How about “Where is my money and can I have it in denominations of hundreds, gold, and BTC”.

    • Tim Hunter

      Tony absolutely!

    • Diego Munoz

      Tim Hunter is a huge asset to the community and has been a great resource to so many, both professionally as a top banker and personally!

      • Tim Hunter

        Diego Munoz thank you, that means a lot coming from you!

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