Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

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    14 replies to "Network Marketing Tips for Beginners"

    • Thank you for this.

    • Blake Nauert


    • I really needed and loved your message today, thank you! I’m definitely in for the long haul, but some days I just feel weary of thinking about it all the time. This reminded me to be patient and to celebrate my advancement in knowledge, skills and in mindset and to stop being so hard on myself! Thank you! 🤗 👏‼️

      • Terry Petrovick

        Thanks, Liz for your feedback. Know that you have greatness in you and that everything is happening in perfect timing. Each and every day remember to take “Inspired Action” that will take you closer to your dreams 🙂 You Got This!

    • It was interesting that your were not looking for the income aspect of this business to start with but it was a product experience that drew you in. I also liked the way you spoke of the commitment to the business being like a marriage-it is a long term deal.

      • Terry Petrovick

        The long term vision is key for sure. Having said that when relationships aren’t working then never stay in an abusive relationship. If needs aren’t getting met it is OK to separate from the company and then find one that is more in alignment with your core values 🙂

    • Jean Rowe

      Thank you Terry. Well said. Sharing this with a few people.😊❤️

      • Terry Petrovick

        Thanks Jean, what did you like best?

        • Jean Rowe

          Reminded me to talk with people about the commitment and discipline needed.Marathon -not a sprint. And also about the support available from leaders and teams at a level they have probably never before experienced in a job. All of this is what makes it work. Loved the talk about what it would take to create their desired extra income in their jobs. In most cases NOT possible. The value of having an extra income source. Thanks!

    • Kara Scott

      Great value as always Terry 👍🙂

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