Do you have a tip that you can share to boost your immune system?

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    35 replies to "3 Tips to Boost Your Immune System"

    • Kathy Faucett

      Meditation with Joe Dispensa

    • Anna Champagne

      I agree with your insights about the importance of enhancing and supporting the immune system through sleep, exercise, mindset, superfoods. I would add healing emotions that come to the surface and transform that energy into positive higher qualities. I also use a product that works on the telomeres of the cells. Also vitamin D is crucial, through direct sunlight or supplementation. And vitamin c. And doing things that make you happy. Happiness is so important. Spending time with my daughter or doing a creative project are some of my most happy places. And meditation.

    • Anna Champagne

      I love Joe Dispenza. Haven’t heard of Emily Fletcher.

    • Steve Libby

      I created a video recently to give the best advice I know on the physical level… And I must say that rest and clearing the mind are key as well! My brainwave entrainment music is known to help in those areas : )

    • Steve Libby

      Hiking and walking!

      • Terry Petrovick

        those are two of my favorite things to do as well

        • Steve Libby

          We’re both very fortunate to have beautiful nature to do this!

    • Karen Miller

      Protecting your immune system is important

    • Andrea Goring

      I’ve been saving all kinds of immune boosting, anxiety/grief/trauma relief videos on playlists at The Ministry of Love and Support please share it with anyone who needs the support

      • Andrea Goring

        All teachers and practices have been tried and tested by me and found to be significantly beneficial

    • Mavia Fletcher

      Laugh, laugh—with family and good friends.

    • Peter G Horrill

      Good message Terry!

    • Paula Duncan

      Me either!

    • Paula Duncan

      My great grandpa ate garlic every day! Lived to be 103

      • Terry Petrovick

        wow that’s incredible Paula so do you eat it too?

        • Paula Duncan

          Terry Petrovick might start … that I get to work from home all day everyday….lol

    • Kim Darko


    • Sandy Paisley

      Don’t drink alcohol in excessively amounts in general it lowers your immune system.

    • Kevin Thomas
    • Tom Speed

      Best thing I can do for my immune system, it’s not focus on the virus but focus on all the good that come about because of it. Too many people are focusing on all the hype around corona, all this does this creates stress. And as we all know, the hormones of stress virtually shut down our immune system.

    • Tom Speed

      I’m a firm believer in proper nutrition for both our body and our minds.

      • Terry Petrovick

        Somehow I thought that might be the case with you Tom, hope you’re staying safe and healthy man

    • Ray L Patterson II

      Nice presentation Terry. Glad to see you’re doing well and hope all of your family is too. Ever since I was diagnosed as a diabetic two years ago, I have tried numerous supplements to regulate my blood sugar. Two that are working for me: a product by ‘New Chapter’ called Cinnamon Force (Whole Foods) and a trans-dermal gel product I’m sure you’re probably familiar with from New You Life. And ‘Nature’s Own’ (Harris Teeter) makes a sugar-free very low carb loaf bread that has made my life so much better. It’s all about balance my friend. Take care and my best.

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