Want to Stress Less, Accomplish More?

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    19 replies to "Want to Stress Less, Accomplish More?"

    • Mari Vogel

      I practice Tibetan yoga breathing and yoga. Yes woo woo, but my teacher is a professor at MD Anderson studying the benefits of these practices with cancer patients under a grant from the National Institutes of Health. These practices are thousand years old. These is a great post Terry. Thank you for the information. I only practice once a day and have not been consistent as I would like. Changing that and will definitely check out this book.
      I love dogs! So happy to support your wife’s page and work.

      • Terry Petrovick

        Thanks Mari! Here we grow again 🙂 Let’s grow to the top! And thanks for spreading the word about Amy’s book!

    • Barrett Duran

      Great topic Terry.
      Yes, I meditate. Transcendental Meditation 20 minutes twice a day.
      I recommend New York Times bestseller by Bob Roth…. “Strength In Stillness.”
      Also, #ChangeBeginsWithin
      The David Lynch Foundation provides great information.

      • Terry Petrovick

        My daughter is into TM in a big way. That’s a wonderful technique for sure

    • Benjamin Whitaker

      Thank you for this sir! Great info and great suggestions. A high energy world drains our energy. Gotta recharge!

    • Theresa Faulkner

      I have tried to meditate.

      • Terry Petrovick

        successfully or unsuccessfully? If unsuccessfully I HIGHLY recommend this book

        • Theresa Faulkner

          Terry Petrovick Unsuccessful. My mind wants to wander to much. 🙂

          • Terry Petrovick

            Theresa good news she addresses than in the book/audio. Your mind is like your heart you can’t stop it working. 🙂 There’s hope for you (and me) my friend.

    • Christina Hooper

      Great content here as always!

    • Paula Duncan

      I need to try this…

    • Paula Duncan


    • Tracie Elaine Nigro

      Hi Terry😎

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