How to Reduce Weight – Create a Healthy Lifestyle

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    5 replies to "How to Reduce Weight – Create a Healthy Lifestyle"

    • Denise Mense

      Enjoy watching this,
      Helpful information

    • Karen Sachs Kanefsky

      Thanks Terry! David Medansky has helped so many get healthy and drop the lbs. He got a really cool online program that is amazing and breaks the process down over 90 days and works to lose the weight and keep it off. Great timing as we deal with the Coronavirus . People can lose the weight without going to the gym or having to buy special foods and visiting places for weight check.

      • Terry Petrovick

        Karen thanks for sharing. Do you have a personal story you can share?

        • Karen Sachs Kanefsky

          Terry Petrovick I have witnessed the transformation of people I know that have worked through David‘s program and through his coaching. The tips that he shared with them when they go to restaurants or when they had push backs from friends or relatives were priceless in helping them meet their goals.

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