Are YOU Outwitting The Devil?

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    21 replies to "Are YOU Outwitting The Devil?"

    • Sarah-Jane VandenBerg

      Hadn’t heard of this book Terry Petrovick.

      • Terry Petrovick

        It is a MUST read for you Sarah-Jane ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sarah-Jane VandenBerg

          Terry Petrovick I am reading Rhino success now. I do have so many books I’d like to read that would benefit me. What makes you say that this book is a “must” read for me? Sell me on it Terry.

          • Terry Petrovick

            Sarah-Jane it will help you coach and promote you new book. ๐Ÿ™‚ what’s that title again and when will it be available Sarah-Jane?

      • Sarah-Jane VandenBerg

        Terry Petrovick great answer! I will order it today. Book is called Lost & Found: Empower Teens to Make the Best Career Decisions. I don’t know when it will be available. I am chatting with my publisher tomorrow and will get clarity on that.

    • Terry Petrovick

      Here’s the Women’s version

    • Terry Petrovick

      Think and Grow Rich a Black Choice

    • Terry Petrovick

      Outwitting The Devil

    • Terry Petrovick

      Be sure to check out Outwitting the Devil and Think and Grow Rich for Women from my friend Sharon Lechter and did you know she is also the co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad?

    • Terry Petrovick

      If you are a fan of Think and Grow Rich then you should be involved in or leading Masterminds. Check out this incredible book by my friend Leslie Leslie Thomas Flowers

      For the first 3 people who “private message” me I will give you FREE access to an interview I did with Leslie in my Prosperity ANd The Mentors series. Use keyword: MASTERMIND

      • Leslie Thomas Flowers

        This book is 17 stories from a variety of clients as to What’s the Big Deal about Think and grow Rich!

    • DrTheresa Smith

      Started last week. Good read

      • Terry Petrovick

        Good to hear DrTheresa. What has been your biggest take away so far?

    • Sharon Lechter

      Thhank you!

    • Olga Jaime

      Hi Terry.! Fantastic book.!!

    • Doug Stoddard

      Interesting insights on the book. Thanks Terry Petrovick.

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