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TAKA energy drink comes in Hibiscus or a Blueberryhealthy energy drink.  It is loaded with raw ingredients for healthy energy, mental clarity and gut health in a take-anywhere package.

Bursting with a delicious flavor, TAKA is an all-in-one solution to give your body the support and nutrients it needs to rejuvenate your well-being.

TAKA has no added sugar.

It is packed with superfoods to help you feel refreshed and energized throughout the day.

intermittent fastingINTERMITTENT FASTING

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Globallee TAKA Ingredients

Turmeric supports brain health and mental clarity helping to increase your focus and productivity.

Pomegranate Juice contains powerful antioxidants that help your body function properly.

Hibiscus tastes great and it helps your body feel great!  Hibiscus supports a  healthy immune system and gut health.

Blueberries contain natural fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and healthy phytonutrients like anthocyanin.

Aloe is considered Nature’s Miracle Plant. It contains hundreds of micronutrients that support a healthy immune system.

Rhodiola Rosea is a natural adaptogen that helps the body combat the negative effects of stress. Rhodiola also supports heart health and bolsters the immune system.

Ionic Minerals support healthy cellular connectivity and balance. They are the OS (operating system) for a healthy body!

Fucoidan is a nutritious form of brown algae that is rich in nutrients called polysaccharides. They support a healthy immune system.


TAKA ingredients


TAKA is filled with delicious and nutritious ingredients that help your body feel and function at its best. Because of the vitamins, minerals, and superfoods packed in TAKA, this healthy drink creates a natural way for your body to fuel and sustain itself during fasted states.

The Perfect Drink for INTERMITTENT FASTING (I.F.) 
Intermittent Fasting (I.F.) is currently one of the world’s hottest and popular health and fitness movements.  It seems that everyone is TAKA-ing about I.F.! Millions of consumers are using the principles of I.F. to lose weight, improve their health and simplify their lifestyles.

Clinical studies have shown that I.F. can have a powerful effect on improving your body and your brain!

What is I.F. and how can I drink TAKA to support I.F.?
Intermittent Fasting is a pattern of eating that allows your body to alternate between an “eating state” and a “fasting state”.  You typically eat for 6 to 8 hours per day and you fast for 16 to 18 hours each day.

It doesn’t change what you eat, but when you eat.

So why is it important to change when you eat?
It’s one of the simplest ways to help your body take the bad weight off while keeping healthy weight on.
When you are in a fasted state, your body is able to access the bad fat that isn’t accessible during an “eating state”.
At only 15 calories per stick pack, TAKA is the perfect drink to support I.F.  You can drink TWO TAKA each I.F. period (from when you wake up until 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm).  The best news is that TWO TAKA only contains 30 calories. That keeps you well below the typical recommendation of consuming less than 50 calories through liquids during the fasting period.  TAKA then becomes the perfect support for I.F. by naturally curbing your appetite.

TAKA’s high concentration of vitamins, minerals, ionic minerals and superfoods like Rhodiola, Turmeric and Aloe vera are a powerful combination to nurture your body and curb your appetite.

What do people think of TAKA?

“The product TAKA is great tasting and provides sustained energy. It has helped me lose weight. The business is an incredible opportunity.” ~Andrew Taylor

“My husband and I just started using Taka every day 4 days ago. Within 30 minutes of me drinking 1/4 of it the swelling in my legs had dramatically reduced and my sciatic pain is minimal. My husband has severe neuropathy in his feet. It causes him to constantly be working his toes so much so that he gets blisters on the ends of his toes. Within 2 days I noticed that he was not doing it nearly as much. The pain in his feet has drastically reduced. It has not gone away yet but I have faith that this is the miracle that we have been waiting for. I cannot thank Shayla Rowley enough for introducing us to Taka.” ~ Barbara Warwick

“TAKA is ENERGY!!  I intermittent fast and TAKA helps me extend my fasting. I drink one in the morning and one around noon and can extend my fast to 20 hours! Amazing appetite control and sustained energy!” ~Karen Aycock

“Since I have been on Taka I have lost 7 pounds, have more energy, and I don’t feel hungry all the time! I am beyond excited about the opportunity and what is to come!” ~Melanie Jones

“I never thought I would stop craving Dr. Pepper, if you know me you know it’s my weakness even when I am designated driver but let me tell you the carb cravings are gone during Intermittent Fasting. Down 22lbs and 60 more to go!” ~Jeremy Reheis

“My son and daughter-in-law Jesse Rowley shared this amazing product with me two weeks ago and from that first day, I was sold! #TakaEnergy has truly given me my life back! After having surgery in January Taka has allowed me to stop taking my anti-inflammatory and pain medications and has given me a reserve of energy that lasts me the entire day from only 1 pack! I haven’t had a Cherry Sprite in over two weeks and I have to say I was addicted to those I was drinking at least four 44 oz. fountain drinks a day. It’s curbed my appetite all day long and in the two weeks now that I have been drinking my Taka I have lost 7 pounds and I look to at least lose another 25! This amazing company and team are just what I was looking for and for anyone thinking of joining now is the time, timing is everything getting in now at this crucial launch stage of the company is going to benefit us all financially not to mention health-wise I can’t thank Globallee enough!” ~Richard Rowley







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