What’s Your Strategy For Achieving Goals? Here’s mine…

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    13 replies to "What’s Your Strategy For Achieving Goals? Here’s mine…"

    • Kirk Childers

      Have BHAG & motivator..then Keep it in front of me

      • Terry Petrovick

        Kirk keeping it in front of you in one thing, an important thing but how do you do the thing when you don’t feel like it? Any tricks you’ve learned?

        • Bill DiPretoro

          Kirk Childers I would love a breakthrough answer to that question! When I plan my week on Sunday evening I’m sure about what I need to do and confident that I will do it but when the rubber meets the road I usually skid off into the ditch of procrastination and doing the less consequencial tasks.

      • Kirk Childers

        For me, & I imagine for most, it’s remembering the “Why”. Is your “Why” BIG enough to move you to action? Is it BIG enough to keep you focused. I had a 55 year old patient who smoked his entire adult life..tried everything to quit…he was over a pack of cigarettes a day. He had sudden left arm pain after tossing a cigarette butt out his car window and thought he was having a heart attack. It scared him so much he never smoked again after that.

        Some people are motivated by fear. Like the last example.

        Some by pleasure. Or both

        What ever it is , this must , for me anyway, be in front of me constantly, taped to my bathroom mirror, on my computer screen, saved at my screen saver on my phone, in my car on the dashboard…until and sometimes long after I’ve met the goal.

    • Jean Rowe

      You are such an inspiration Terry! When I plan the night before in the morning that certain chunks of hours will be devoted to particular activities, that helps me ignore distractions and be on-purpose.

    • Leslie Thomas Flowers

      Good points! I’m doing a pop up online Goal Setting telesummit week of December 16. All your answers will be available on setting and achieving goals consistently. #GoalSchool

      • Terry Petrovick

        You are a masterful teacher for goal setting Leslie I know your students will get a lot out of your teaching as I have in the past 🙂

    • Terry Petrovick

      Jean thanks for the kind words. I am just modeling after some of the great achievers before me. What do you do when you find yourself wavering and losing focus?

    • Kara Scott

      Love the gratitude card idea

    • Kara Scott

      Tracking has been effective for me

    • Kara Scott

      If you can track it you can improve it right?

    • Kara Scott

      Who you hang around so important!

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