What The What? A Superfood Creamer For Coffee, and Smoothies

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    8 replies to "What The What? A Superfood Creamer For Coffee, and Smoothies"

    • Barnsley Brown

      It’s wonderful to have high energy! I have been working out again and I have enjoyed it.

    • Barnsley Brown

      Hey Terry Petrovick, how old are you anyway??? LOL! I am 54 and folks never guess that

      • Terry Petrovick

        I will be 63 next month 🙂 and feel better and stronger than I did 20 years ago Barnsley

    • Tracy Rains Byrd

      I’ve really enjoyed your lives!!

    • Hank Mclain

      I have been doing I.F. for 4 years and love it…but I would like to get the information in the creamer and the other drink from this video please…Have a wonderful day sir…

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