Network Marketing Tips | How To Succeed If You Don't Like "Selling"

Network Marketing Tips | How To Succeed If You Don’t Like “Selling”

Network Marketing Tips for People Who Hate Selling.

Are you the type of person who hates selling?

Are you the person who doesn’t want to do network marketing because they don’t want to chase their family and friends?

Or that you don’t want to be that guy or that chick that everybody runs from.

How do you become successful in network marketing or a home-based business without selling?

Network Marketing Tips: People Hate to be Sold BUT People Love to Buy

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Well, my guess is that you probably like selling and making money.

What you don’t like is chasing people, hyping people and running after people.

Well, I’m gonna share with you some network marketing tips that I’ve learned over the past twenty years.

From a very simplistic standpoint, here is a simple fact I think you and I both believe. Nobody likes to be sold anything but people love to buy.


People love to buy.

Network Marketing Tips: Companies don’t get it!

Why is that every network marketing company teaches people to make a list and approach every family and friend that they have, every number in their cell phone book?

This is one of the reasons why I think network marketing has sometimes gotten a bad rap. People end up chasing people. That’s not fun for either party.

It’s not really the selling of a product, people love giving value and being compensated for that. But they hate the pushy sales type. You know the sleazy used car salesmen.

That’s one of the reasons why Carmax is such a thriving car dealership. It’s that it’s no hassle, no ‘wheeling and dealing’, the price that you get is the price that you get.

In network marketing, if you could shift from a pusher to a person that is a giver your world would change. Bob Burg wrote a great book called the Go-Giver, I highly recommend it.

Network Marketing Tips: Attraction Marketing

Adding value to the world of online marketing –network marketing – is referred to as attraction marketing.

What does attraction marketing mean?

It means that you are going to attract people to buy what you have or to join your company because they see value in it.

You have seen this a lot of websites – Dr. Mercola has one where he provides a ton of education on nutritional supplements then offers them for purchase.

In the offline world, studios offer FREE dance lessons so they can actually sell you a membership.

If you have kids, maybe you have taken your kids to some FREE taekwondo lessons. The owners absolutely are wanting you to enroll your kids in classes.


We want people to experience this before we buy. Once they experience it, and they see it, and they like it and trust, then they want to make more buying purchases.

When it comes to network marketing, you have to think about how can you add value to your community.

Who is your ideal prospect?

If they’re into nutrition, how can you offer them healthy living and eating tips?

If you are in travel, how can you provide maybe a blog post or a short video showing seven simple ways to go on vacation to Myrtle beach for pennies and a dollar.

Network Marketing Tips: Give value to people.

When you give value to people, there is something called the Law of Reciprocity.

If you give value to people, they are going to want to provide value to you which is money in a lot of cases.

Now attraction marketing is probably one of the hottest marketing strategies today.

Attraction marketing teaches you how to build an audience, how to engage with that audience and how to sell to that audience. Once you create an audience, you have a following of people that know they can trust you.

They are saying ‘hey give me what you got’, ‘I want the products’ or ‘I want to look younger’ or ‘I want to learn how to travel more’ or ‘I want to do whatever it is that you are selling’.

You are attracting people who want to buy what you have to sell. You are the hunted as opposed to the hunter. A big difference here.

It’s about adding value to your community as opposed to you posting your products or posting your company.  Many companies encourage their reps to post, post and repost which ends up being a bunch of noise on social media.

Did you know the average person gets hit with something like twenty or thirty thousand marketing messages every single day? It’s deafening.

It’s proven when you provide value and some entertainment along the way you will win over people.

Once you’ve got somebody’s intention, you can give them some real-world value, and not some hype or BS or some smoking mirrors. The result will be they are going to have a significant interest in what you have to offer them.

When you follow somebody and they become a trusted resource. And the odds have significantly increased that you will make a purchase.

Network Marketing Tips: Where do you put this content?

It makes the most sense to put the content you create where you hang out.  On Facebook, it could be a live video, it could be a YouTube video, it could be a blog post, or it could be an article. It could be some photos on Pinterest and how they so a particular thing that you are selling, it could be clothes, or it could be makeup.

Once you start building that audience and you start engaging with that audience, then the audience is going to want to follow you.

To help you learn more about this process, I’m gonna give you access to one of my best courses. You’ll the 7 steps to dominate your market.

You will love that course because I dive deep into all these areas. So you would learn how to brand yourself, how to craft a message for your ideal prospect and then how to attract them to you because even how to create multiple streams of income.

Remember, it’s about not being one of those hypey salespeople; it’s about giving value to your ideal prospect, so they want to buy from you.

Does that make sense?

If you got a lot of value out of this training, please share it and if you have questions or comments, please leave those below.

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