How do You Motivate an Unmotivated Rep?

How do You Motivate an Unmotivated Rep?

If you have a team of any size you are going to come up against this problem. Maybe this has already happened to you.

Your once excited rep comes to you and says, “Hey Coach, you need to motivate me because I just can’t get myself to pick up the phone.”

Or here’s another one, “Coach, I have run out of people to talk to. And I am stuck.”

Here’s my response…

The truth is being an entrepreneur or a rep in a network marketing company can be one of the most challenging things you ever do. It seems ALL your hot buttons and limiting beliefs surface.

Just know once you get out of that funk and start seeing success if will be one of the most rewarding projects that you have ever untaken.

Your success or lack thereof is ALL ON YOU!

When you get stuck, my advice is to look within.

Darren Hardy in his book The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster talks about the ups and the downs of working for yourself. If you haven’t read that book I highly recommend it.

Everyone has bads days. This makes you normal.

It is how you respond that matters. Don’t get bitter, get better.

It is a whole easier to get out of the bad days when you are working on a project that you are excited about.

Getting into a funk or being unmotivated is going to happen, it is your mindset, vision, and self-talk that will be the things that give you the courage and the strength you need to succeed.  You got this!

Make sense?

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