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Globallee IAccel – Nano-Colloidal Silver with Organic Aloe vera gel with Aloe Polysaccharides Ingredients Product Review


Globallee IAccel aloe and natural nano-colloidal silver


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Mark McKnight, CoFounder, and IAccel Product Formulator Reviews the Ingredients

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Globallee’s IAccel product contains natural nano colloidal silver combined with aloe vera with aloe polysaccharides.

These 100% natural ingredients are great for the immune system. They are clinically proven, gluten-free, non-GMO, and safe for the entire family!

Working together, they support a healthy immune system.

The nano colloidal silver and the aloe vera also support digestive health!

You’ll be happy to know that this is backed by hundreds of clinical and laboratory studies and dozens of safety studies, the ingredients in IAccel are the best in the world! 🔥

Globallee IACCEL colloidal silver

IAccel is based on Resonant Frequency & Epitaxy.

Resonant Frequency & Epitaxy is a powerful process that kills bacteria. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s how it works.

Resonant Frequency & Epitaxy break down bacteria by breaking down biofilms.

Biofilms are colonies of different types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that use each other’s strengths to try and defeat or avoid our immune response.

The high-frequency levels that the nano colloidal silver contain effectively kill these biofilms and protect your body.

Globallee’s new IAccel product works through a catalytic action (they trigger a positive change) that literally kills bacteria by changing the bacteria’s electrons. It contains positively charged silver ions that have the ability to steal an electron from a bacteria cell membrane.

If enough electrons are stripped or “stolen”, the bacteria cell membrane ruptures and the bacteria can no longer function. 

So in simple words: Catalytic action supports a healthy immune system!

Who do you know how can benefit from that?

The medical benefits of Aloe Vera have dubbed it, “Nature’s Miracle Plant”.  There are hundreds of individual nutrients in aloe plants. ☀️

Aloe vera and aloe polysaccharides activate important signaling in the body, including macrophage activation and t-lymphocyte production.

Globallee IAccel contains Aloe Vera specifically harvested and processed to retain the best part of polysaccharides, the crucial component of aloe vera potency!

Globallee directly sources all raw materials from farmers to create the best ingredients.  Because we know that GREAT INGREDIENTS make GREAT PRODUCTS and GREAT PRODUCTS result in HAPPY CUSTOMERS. 👊

Order your Globallee IAccel Nano Colloidal Silver with Aloe TODAY!

Here’s a detailed explanation of how IAccel works.
(notes from Mark McKnight overview above)

Here’s what you need to know about Globallee’s IAccel; its colloidal silver is safe.

This is not normal colloidal silver.

While normal colloidal silver is very effective it has a one to one relationship where a molecule of colloidal silver can kill a molecule of bacteria. globallee iaccel lifestyle body strong

The way this works is that the electrons are stolen from the bacteria by the colloidal silver, and this is what destroys or makes the bacteria inert meaning it lacks the ability or strength to move.

The Globallee IAccel nano colloidal silver is very very different because of three different things we have three different things that are unique.

First, it has a catalytic action.

Think about it like this…one molecule colloidal silver and one bacteria that is normal colloidal silver, and colloidal silver, in general, can kill bacteria.

The catalytic action means that one molecule of colloidal silver can kill the bacteria that in turn produces two new electron ports that can kill two electrons from two bacteria, and that process creates four more ports that can kill four.

This is a catalyst and is very, very different.

Instead of a one to one relationship on bacteria, IAccel can have a one to 10, or one to 100, even a one to 1000 relationship.

Just like the video explains above, it’s like instead of taking a hammer to the bacteria it’s taking a bulldozer in the bacteria.

The second has to do with bacterial biofilms, and that’s called resonant frequency and epitaxy.

Globallee iAccel

Resonant frequency means that this can break down the biofilm that surrounded the bacterial cell membrane without direct contact, kind of like the way UV light works through resonant frequency.

Our nano colloidal silver creates its own resonant frequency, and it also includes effectiveness with epitaxy.

This means that resonant frequency can transfer into the water.

Since your body is full of water it can create the same resonant frequency effect on bacterial cells than it has with the nano colloidal silver itself.

In fact, one of the problems with other colloidal silver water is that it can build up in your body. Because instead of, let’s say, 10 parts per million being effective people try for 1000 parts per million or 3000 parts per million or even 6000 parts per million, our nano colloidal silver is just as effective at 10 parts per million.

It is very very effective because of that catalytic action.

The catalytic process uses up the nano colloidal silver so that it doesn’t sit as an element in your body.

That’s one of the big problems of regular colloidal silver is you can take too much of it for an extended period of time.

globallee Iaccel nano colloidal silver

The Globallee IAccel Nano Colloidal Silver is very unique because it’s safe and effective and you can use it every day.

The process of stealing those electrons and breaking down the biofilms really does yield a 1 to 10 relationship, a 1 to 100, or 1 to 1000 relationship.

That’s why it’s so effective.

The clinical studies are amazing. Colloidal Silver has been studied since the 1970s when it was first published in a magazine called “Science Digest”.

There is a recent clinical study in vivo human exposure safety study on orally dose nano Colloidal Silver particles, having no adverse effect on blood or on physiology.

This is another thing that unique about our nano colloidal silver. It has clinical studies showing that it does not hurt, good bacteria.

Globallee IAccel Bacterial Flora
Bacterial Flora

We all know that good bacteria intestinal flora is very important for health, it’s important for digestive health. It’s important for immune health, it’s important for all types of responses that are in our body.

It’s important that if you have something that’s going to kill bad bacteria, but it doesn’t also kill good bacteria, and there are several clinical studies that prove our nano colloidal silver does not negate the good bacteria.

The third thing that we did is we coupled it with aloe vera and aloe polysaccharides.

Globallee IAccel aloe vera

Aloe contains many different nutrients including glutamic acid, serum cysteine prolene, these are elements that are thought to have a direct impact on something called phagocytosis.

Globallee IAccel ingredientsYour immune system neutrophils are small immune system cells that are produced by the body and are considered first responders for the immune system.

Macrophages are another type of cell, a larger cell. They both act with a process called phagocytosis whereby the immune system cell engulfs and digests invading bacteria or toxins.

T-lymphocytes are another type of cell responsible for cell-mediated immunity.

The T-lymphocytes are very active and they go around your body and kind of determine what needs to activate it is it a macrophage with phagocytosis isn’t a neutrophil with phagocytosis.

The T-lymphocytes are very important, they go around your bloodstream searching for invading bacteria toxins and viruses and they have many different functions, but they primarily help cells prepare for battle.

And the battle is called phagocytosis.

There are so many clinical studies about this. There are clinical studies about aloe vera increasing macrophage, that’s the larger immune cell mall cell engulfing a large bacteria or virus, there have clinical studies showing that aloe vera increases the activity of neutrophils.

There are clinical studies about the mannans that are in our aloe, especially responding to surface receptor sensitivity for both neutrophils and macrophages.

On your cells you have receptors, and they have clinical studies showing that all other polysaccharides increase sensitivity to that communication that goes on between the T-lymphocyte, and the macrophage.

Globallee’s IAccel is a world-leading product with nano colloidal silver and aloe polysaccharides.

And we use the polysaccharides that are the medium and high molecular weight, which are the ones that are most clinically proven to support the immune system.

globallee IAccel nano colloidal silver with aloe

The aloe that we use is a guaranteed 10% median molecular weight, acetylated mannan. This is in the aloe science world that is huge. And it’s very, very healthy for you.

Many people report having an instantly noticeable healthiness.

Dr. Robert Davis from the University of Pennsylvania, who started

studying aloe vera in the 70s and 80s and published many articles said specialized molecules in aloe vera interact with special receptors substances that are embedded into the outer membrane of our immune system cells. The result is that the immune system cells are galvanized into action. In particular, the class of cells, known as phagocytes, increases the activities by which they attack and engulf both bacteria waste products and debris.

Globallee IAccel frequently-asked-questions


Can IAccel be taken by young people as well as old people?

Yes, IAccel can be taken by children (1 dropper per day) as well as teenagers and adults (3 droppers per day).

What is the IAccel Nano Colloidal Silver Dosage?

IAccel is specially formulated to be taken orally (by mouth). It is not designed to be applied to the skin. Simply place the dropper of IAccel in the mouth, OR you can mix IAccel into your Globallee TAKA and drink along with Globallee TAKA each day.


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I hope you found this product review of Globallee IAccel – Nano-Colloidal Silver with Organic Aloe Vera Gel with Aloe Polysaccharides ingredients helpful. If you have questions, call or text Terry at 919-624-0544.