Avoiding the Pitfalls When Building Your Network with Tim Hunter

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    22 replies to "Avoiding the Pitfalls When Building Your Network"

    • Randy Rich

      Tim is the man. Goes way above and beyond to help others be successful!

    • Sarah Jo Pate

      Great information!

      • Terry Petrovick

        thank you Sarah what did you like best? Do you have any networking tips to share?

    • Jean Rowe

      This says it all! Very timely!

      • Terry Petrovick

        you are very kind Jean thanks

        • Jean Rowe

          The interview was great and Tim offered a lot of value!

          • Tim Hunter

            Jean Rowe Terry does a great job of making me a lot smarter than I actually am.

    • Tom Speed

      Thank you Tim thank you Terry for these great insights.

      I have found that when it comes to networking it is more about what value can you put into your network ,rather than what value you can take out!

    • Tracy Rains Byrd

      Great info! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Terry Petrovick you always bring the goods!!

      • Terry Petrovick

        Tracy I just brought Tim to the dance he is the guy with all the moves

    • Kurt Imhulse

      Great information gentlemen!

    • Kim Krystal

      I love what Tim said about self-serving motives. I sometimes think because I’m not self-serving I don’t get anywhere in network marketing. 🙂

    • Bob Liddle

      Tim rocks! Great interview guys.

    • Lee Goldstein

      Great job guys!

    • Two of my favorites!! Great info!

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