26 thoughts on “Are you making this mistake? Most people are…”

  1. Love my affirmations of Gratitude ! The more I express Gratitude ,the more I-have to express It for.Being grateful for what’s in my vision helps it come about .

      1. Terry Petrovick I found the two most powerful times to express gratitude or in the evening just before I fall asleep. And then again in the morning when I first wake up.

        Of course some of the main expressions of gratitude or for my health for my family for my wife that I’ve known since I was 16 my lovely children all my blessings. What I have also found to be a very effective way to help bring about new successes in my life, I actually express gratitude four things that are in my success vision that I am imprinting on a daily basis.

        Also use the expression of gratitude towards my affirmations of ability.

        By combining affirmations of gratitude for tangible things in my external world with affirmations of gratitude for the things I am Imprinting on my subconscious it allows me to adopt those beliefs that much easier. The expression of gratitude for something is a true testament to its reality.

        Hope that helps

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