1 of my dirty weight loss secrets that actually strengthed my immune system

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    16 replies to "1 of my dirty weight loss secrets that actually strengthed my immune system"

    • Bekkah Lynn Morgan

      Will message you

    • Sue Pettengill

      I drink just 16 oz of coffee daily, carefully measured , but Iโ€™ve stopped having a little coffee with my half n half. (I over used the creamer) I put something in place of my half n half which is a great alternative!

      • Terry Petrovick

        we LOVE our coffee. I can drink a pot a day ๐Ÿ™‚ I read a long time ago that it helps with men’s prostate so that was good enough for me ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sue Pettengill

          Terry Petrovick I gave up over drinking coffee, but still like my morning coffee

    • Pat Howlett

      Great tip! Been doing this for about 7 years and its one of the best things I’ve done for my health. My dirty secret is that I add whipping cream to my coffee and have no intention to stopping :]. My recommendation is to eat more “fermented” foods as well.

      • Terry Petrovick

        whipping cream is seriously rich and yummy; thanks for the fermented food tip Pat. Do you have a favorite?

        • Pat Howlett

          Its called Fermented Essentials (I don’t get paid to share that) and its out of the Raleigh area. And yes, whipping cream in my coffee is one of my bad boy moves :-]

    • Amber Frelin

      Very nice

    • I hope thatโ€™s Gabiโ€™s Coffee

    • I will!!

    • Cindy Trevathan Ward

      I really need information about all your supplements please !

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