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How to Prospect with Elegance – Interview with Sonia Stringer

September 27, 2012


How to Prospect with Elegance and Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make Would you like to be able to prospect in a real authentic way that helps you grow your business? I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sonia Stringer.  She is a friend of mine and without a doubt one of my favorite […]

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How to Approach People You Don’t Know About Your Homebased Business

January 18, 2012


How to Approach People You Don’t Know About Your Homebased Business   Last night on a team training we got into a discussion about how to do homebased business prospecting right. The truth is the ONLY thing we can control in a homebased business whether it be MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales is the […]

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How to Craft an Attractive LinkedIn Profile

December 6, 2011


The biggest “mistake” people make on LinkedIn is to not make their Profile attractive to their ideal business partners or prospects. Someone who is introduced to you via a mutual contact, but has never heard of or from you, will look for you on LinkedIn or via a search engine like Google. If they then […]

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Top 4 Blogging Mistakes People Make

October 16, 2011


Top 4 Blogging Mistakes People Make Marketing Mistake #1 Not Hosting Your Own Blog Mistake: Some people who have not committed to the blogging process think that they will save money by using a free blogging platform’s domain such as Blogger.com, WordPress.com, or TypePad.com. Eeek! Hosting your blog on a free platform’s URL like http://yournameblog.wordpress.com […]

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2 Mistakes and 3 People to Follow PLUS More on Social Media and Gardening

April 8, 2010


Hey my friend and thank you for stopping by the blog today! My message to you today is about making mistakes and knowing who to follow. If you have not watched the Gardening and Social Media and Online Marketing message from March 26th, I would recommend you check that out as well. Just click here. […]

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Are You Stuck in Social Media Quicksand?

August 10, 2009


If you have ever seen an old Tarzan movie, three stooges movie, or any of a number of adventure movies then you know about quicksand. It is nature’s unexpected trap that many inexperienced travelers fall into. In the new world of Social Media marketing many people and I mean… many people… fall into the Social […]

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