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Jay Abraham’s Amazon Copy Writing Secrets

February 13, 2012


Copy Writing Secrets will pay you millions! Scratch that it has made people Billions! Jay Abraham is a friggin’ copy writing legend. If you don’t know him and you are marketing online, this is a guy that you must know simply because of his copy writing secrets! I personally stumbled across this video in a [...]

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My Lead System Pro Overview. Does MLSP really help build your MLM Business online?

February 2, 2012


My Lead System Pro is a MLM lead generation and marketing training system MLSP will train you and give you pre-made sale funnels to help you to create an unlimited amount of leads for your home based business. Imagine this…you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning that you have generated [...]

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How to Introduce Yourself in a Memorable Way at a Networking Group

January 5, 2012


Discover how to introduce yourself in a memorable way that will have people lining up to ask you for your business card!   If you are in an MLM, Network Marketing or a Direct Sales company then today’s topic is for you.  It is for those of you who attend networking groups on a regular [...]

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7 Minutes to a Remarkable Life?

December 30, 2011


7 Minutes to a Remarkable Life?   Could it really be possible to create a remarkable life 7 minutes at a time? The answer is yes! As we wrap up 2011 and reflect what we have accomplished or perhaps a better question is what have we not accomplished but intended to accomplish? We really need [...]

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3 Tactics For Getting You New Leads Every Day

November 30, 2011


3 Tactics For Getting You New Leads Every Day Lead generation have been around forever… way before the Internet people relied on their hustle to find new prospects for their business. What you are going to learn about today are 3 proven tactics for lead generation. Get new leads every day! I have a question [...]

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Entrepreneurs Get Paid For Results, Not Time Spent

November 21, 2011


Entrepreneurs Get Paid For Results, Not Time Spent If you are an entrepreneur working for yourself or you are on 100% commission then you get paid for results not the time you spend trying to create positive results. Employees trade time for money. Smart entrepreneurs know how to leverage their time to create massive amounts [...]

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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Schedule that Works

November 17, 2011


How to Create a Social Media Marketing Schedule that Works It’s easy to get into social media for the wrong reasons and to post too much or too little. Here’s how to balance out your social media efforts. Why have you joined the social media world? Are you ego based or interaction based? Are you [...]

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Lessons From a Wanna Be Million Dollar Earner in 1998

November 8, 2011


Lessons From a Wanna Be Million Dollar Earner in 1998 Yesterday I got the bug to clean part of my office closet.  I was surprised at the amount of junk I had saved. I was in major throwaway mode. To my delight, I found some real gems that I think you and I both can [...]

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Speed Networking Equals What?

October 20, 2011


For 17 years I have been building businesses online and over the phone. I love doing this. Actually what I love is working in my jeans and t-shirt, getting up when I’m done sleeping and spending lots of time with my family. I recently made a decision to raise my bar. To do that I [...]

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1 on 1 Relationship Meeting Gone Bad…

October 12, 2011


1 on 1 Relationship Meeting Gone Bad…lol This is kind a funny and kind of sad story at the same time. But, most of all it is a very good lesson. A lesson on how not to do a 1 on 1 relationship building meeting. If you do local networking or attend local networking event [...]

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How do you REALLY create a Leverage Income?

October 7, 2011


In today’s failing economy, many people are beginning to realize that they can’t count on the government or their 9 to 5 job any more for financial security. The result is tens of thousands of people are getting involved in network marketing, MLM or direct sales. But, once you are “in” how do you make [...]

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Learn Why You Must “Go For No” in Your Business…

September 28, 2011


Learn Why you Must “Go For No” in Your Business… The word “NO” is the down fall of most people in the MLM, network marketing, direct sales or any sales for that matter. The concept of rejection kills many dreams. The emotional feeling most people self-inflict is crazy! You might know someone like that. What [...]

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The Best Free Traffic Strategies

September 19, 2011


The Best Free Traffic Strategies Everyone wants more traffic.  Free traffic means more leads and this is a wonderful thing. There are many free traffic strategies that you can use to start generating more mlm leads for your business. The root of many of these begins in the world of Social Media where value based [...]

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The Action Taking Mindset -10 Steps of the Successful

August 29, 2011


The Action Taking Mindset-10 Steps of the Successful If you are like me and most people in network marketing you want to become successful. There is something about being in an MLM or a network marketing business….lots of people are compelled to share their “ignorant” opinions as to why you will never make in this [...]

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4 Causes of MLM Failure

August 2, 2011


4 Causes of MLM Failure If you are struggling in your business or you simply are not where you want to be, it is probably because of your thinking. OUCH! Like it or not, your life and business is a reflection of your decisions. The good news/bad news about this business is it is very [...]

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MLM Leads and Your Sales Funnel

July 28, 2011


MLM Leads and Your Sales Funnel If you are in MLM or network marketing and you want to develop an online business then you better develop your skills so you can create a variety of sales funnels. It has been proven to be one of the best ways to get unique mlm leads for your [...]

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The Abundance, Prosperity and Gratitude Mindset

July 27, 2011


The Abundance, Prosperity and Gratitude Mindset These life principles are foundational for a good life. Yes, there are more but just for today let’s look at how you are applying these to your life. I begin each day with Gratitude.   I’m grateful for my health, my financial wealth, the relationships in my life, even [...]

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Two secret words for an irresistible offer

July 21, 2011


Every MLM or network marketer wants people to join their company.  These days with all the (attempted) networking going on in social media; I’m blown away by the number of people who do it incorrectly. They make a friend request then immediate have a link that basically says: “Join my company!” This NEVER Works! It [...]

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