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Facebook Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid

February 17, 2012


Facebook Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid   If you want to avoid the “Kiss of Death” on facebook then you will want to avoid these costly facebook prospecting mistakes. A recent survey indicated that 83% of women hate their facebook friends. Come on ladies, can’t you get along. You are acting like a bunch of rookie […]

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How to Get More FREE Facebook Fans for Your Page

November 15, 2011


How to Get More FREE Facebook Fans for Your Page If you are like most entrepreneurs you want more eyes on your marketing. Without question, Facebook is the online destination for your prospects. Are you using Facebook to really get more leads, more followers and more business partners? A Facebook Page really gives you an […]

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The 5 Step Facebook Prospecting Training System

November 6, 2011


The 5 Step Facebook Prospecting Training System You already know Facebook is where a boat load of people hang out. You have probably even tried to pitch people your products and your business there. Is that wrong? Nope. BUT, yes there is a Butt! You have to do it properly. Clueless? The truth is most […]

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The Best Free Traffic Strategies

September 19, 2011


The Best Free Traffic Strategies Everyone wants more traffic.  Free traffic means more leads and this is a wonderful thing. There are many free traffic strategies that you can use to start generating more mlm leads for your business. The root of many of these begins in the world of Social Media where value based […]

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How to position yourself as a leader in your prospect’s eyes.

September 14, 2011


How to position yourself as a leader in your prospect’s eyes. Every person wants to follow a strong leader. The question is… are you that strong leader? Or are you being casual with your influence? The truth is, it is not that difficult to position yourself as a leader in your prospect’s eyes. And if […]

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5 Steps to Create a Magnetic Facebook Profile

July 19, 2011


5 Steps to Create a Magnetic Facebook Profile I was shocked yesterday when I followed up with a prospect. He is a young guy (early 20’s), I met him in the Atlanta airport.  I told him that I would send him a friend request on Facebook and provide some additional information. His response was “I […]

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Facebook Marketing: The 6 Step Process

July 18, 2011


Facebook Marketing: The 6 Step Process With over 600 Million people now on Facebook it is an absolute gold mine for every business owner.  If you are in MLM or Network Marketing it is definitely the honey pot. How sweet is this honey, well let’s just say you can use it to get 50-100 fresh […]

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Napoleon Hill’s Advice on Facebook

July 15, 2011


Almost a century ago Napoleon Hill encouraged people to give before the can expect to get. Do not expect something for nothing. Be willing to give an equivalent value for all that you desire, and include in your plans a definite provision for doing so. –Napoleon Hill Those words hold just as true today. Facebook […]

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Sneak Peek: Jonathan Budd Private Mastermind (Part 2) What’s Going On?

July 14, 2011


Part 2: what’s going on in the industry? Over the past 12-24 months lot’s has changed as is relates to internet marketing and network marketing. The Big G: Google no longer supports MLM or the network marketing industry.  In fact, 100,000s of accounts have been banned! Gone are the days were you could run Google […]

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How I Earned $8,000+ in 10 Days and Became a Top Affiliate Marketer Using Facebook

November 9, 2010


Learning how to become a top affiliate marketer is easier than you think. Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising can literally help you get recognized as a top affiliate marketer in any contest. You see the promotions and affiliate product launches all the time.  And if you don’t have a big list, odds are that you […]

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How to Get 145 Facebook Friend Requests

June 20, 2010


How to Get 145 Facebook Friends Requests Facebook is without a doubt becoming THE BEST marketing media on the planet.  Even Google is concerned.  With over a 800 Million Facebook users Google should be concerned! What about you? Are you maximizing its potential? Are you making new friends and expanding your network? Would you like […]

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Exclusive Interview with Facebook Guru Mari Smith

June 4, 2010


Exclusive Interview with Facebook Guru Mari Smith In this exclusive interview with Mari Smith you will learn the importance of the proper mindset from one of social media’s most influential leaders. FastCompany.com dubbed Mari Smith the “Pied Piper of Facebook” and ClickZ named Mari Smith as one of 20 Social Media All-Stars. If you are […]

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How to Create a Facebook Ad to Get VERY Targeted Leads

April 15, 2010


If you are looking for a way to get SUPER Targeted leads for your MLM business then you need to educate yourself about Facebook advertising. With over 400 million users, Facebook is a very interactive and sticky website that you should be focusing on for your marketing. The fact is making new friends and building […]

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3 Online Marketing Strategies For Every Home Based Business Owner

January 27, 2010


If you are involved a home based business, a network marketing, MLM or direct sales company then there are ABSOLUTELY three marketing strategies that you must implement IMMEDIATELY if you ever want to reach the high levels of success. While most people will flounder in their business you will slowly gain your Virtual Real Estate […]

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10 Tips for Facebook Marketing

December 20, 2009


10 Marketing Tips for Facebook Facebook Marketing is one of the best methods for you to grow your business! It is also one of the most misused and misunderstood marketing methods on the planet! Most people struggle with what to say, how do you blend the personal side of relationship building with marketing and the […]

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Cutting Edge Social Media Blogs

December 2, 2009


One of the keys to become a marketing success is to staying current with cutting edge information then provide that knowledge to your clients, prospects and followers in the online world. All too often I see the same information is recycled.  People seem to stuck in their comfort zone and routines. If you are into […]

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20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know

May 27, 2009


If you surf Facebook on daily basis or occasionally, chances are you’re already familiar with regular stuffs like add/delete friends, update statuses, walls and profile, add and explore pages & applications, etc, but there’s more.. This week we want to cover some interesting things you can do on (or with) Facebook; inclusive of tricks that […]

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