Why You Should Start a Blog For Your Business

By on July 3, 2009


Your online business is up and running, but you need something that will help you stand out, something that will help you establish YOUR Brand. You want a little oomph. You want to create a solid link between yourself and your customers. A web log is the perfect solution.

A web log or blog is an Internet web page that allows you update the site using your Internet connection or from your cell phone. The ease of using a blog makes them critical to online business owners. You do not need to mess with tricky HTML coding. Many web log software sites take care of this for you. If you can type, you can keep a blog. If you don’t like writing or you’re pressed for time,there are plenty of talented ghostwriters writers for hire who specialize in blog posting. Not to mention a variety of private label rights content providers like All Private Label Content and Easy PLR.

Realistically, the methods behind blogging began in the 1980s when the Internet was just starting out. As time progressed, the first true blog started in 1994 thanks to a college student who wanted to record a diary of his life on the Internet.

According to Technorati, in 2007 there were 120 million blogs being tracked and approximately 120,000 new blogs formed every day. The numbers are astounding. Blogs have become the best way to reach your potential clients or customers. At the same time, with so many blogs, it is important to ensure your blog stands out!

For many online businesses, a blog has become their most important marketing tool. It helps them reach new customers and maintain connections with previous clients. Blogs can help them sell their product, get customer feedback and list breaking news in seconds. If your blog is successful, word of mouth will spread quickly bringing you more and more potential customers or clients.

Blogs always display the newest information at the top. For this reason, they offer clients and customers with up-to-the-minute news, product reviews, detailed descriptions and other important items in a format that allows your customers to find quickly. The reverse chronological order makes it simple for your readers to keep up with your additions because they always start at the top.

Your online business blog should look professional, contain neutral colors and themes that match what your business represents. Make sure you use a font that is easy to read and large enough for those with vision problems. Avoid lots of flashy ads that slow computer-loading times. If your blog loads slowly because you’ve put in too many graphics, you are not doing yourself any favors. A huge percentage of Internet users state that slow loading Web pages are guaranteed to drive them away.

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