How to go from total frustration to 2000 leads/month in 90 days

By on July 18, 2012

My Lead System Pro

This almost sounds impossible…

He went from no success to 2000 leads per month in less than 90 days!

The Terry Petrovick Show

Well, it is true my friend.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing “The Blues Man of MLM” on my radio show on the Home Business Radio Network.

Frank Marino is the Blues Man of MLM.  Part of his story is one that most people can relate to…working two jobs and still can’t pay the bills.

He found out about our amazing profession and was in awe.

He hit is hard, enrolled 30 people in his first 30 days then he hit the preverbal wall.

For six months, he had no success.

He found out about a system that would teach him how to market online.  That system was My Lead System Pro.

He figured if others could do it than he could too.

How about you, are you generating 2000 leads per month?  Would you like to? Would you like to learn how to make money off the prospects that do not join your primary business? Go to this site to learn more about MLSP.

The Blues Man saw leads in the first 30 days, in the first 90 days it rocketed to over 2000 leads and 78 enrollments in his business.

He no longer had the Blues… he still loves playing the blues though.

You are going to love this…

I was able to twist his arm before our interview and he agreed to share his most powerful tool.

It is Magic Submitter. This is his secret SEO tool to get tons of leads into MLSP. You can learn more about Magic Submitter here.

He also shared several other nuggets of pure gold.  One of them was study a little and execute a lot then refine your results.

He shared many more but you will have to listen to the entire interview for the rest of them.  He shared more in 14 minutes than some share in a 90 minute webinar.


Connect with the Blues Man Of MLM

Here’s his blog and on Facebook profile.

This guy is rising to the top, I recommend you study him and his marketing

Success does leave clues and the Blues Man Of MLM will even tell you what they are.

Want more interviews like this?

If you would like for me to share more of my interviews from my radio show please leave a comment below. Tell me what you want to hear about and who you want me to interview and I will do my best to make it happen.

Let me know what you think of this interview and specifically what you got out of it.

If you have questions or comments please leave them below. PLEASE share this post with your team members and your other friends in the network marketing profession. They will THANK YOU!

Your Success IS My Business.

Allow me to lend a hand.

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PS If you are interested in working with me on a day to day basis and you are looking for a side project that does not interfere with what you are currently doing that will create a new leveraged income stream then click here.

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20 Responses to “How to go from total frustration to 2000 leads/month in 90 days”

  1. Andy Garcia Says:

    Awesome Stuff!


  2. Adrienne Says:

    What a great interview Terry! I for one really appreciate you sharing this with us.

    I learned about a year and a half ago that without applying what you’ve learned and being consist in your efforts, you will not get results. People expect immediate response and it takes time to build but if you have the desire and determination to really succeed, stick with it because like the blues man just said, you will get results.

    I appreciate you doing this interview and him sharing what he’s been doing to get the results he has. This is gold.

    Have a better then terrific day!

    Adrienne´s last blog post ..Futuristic Marketing, Another Award Winning System


    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      You are very welcome Adrienne.

      I’m a big believer in having laser focus on what you want to achieve and the Blues Man is a great example of how this works.

      Thanks for stopping by!



  3. Freddy Rodriguez Says:

    Thanks for sharing Terry. Personally, I agree on train a little and implement a lot right away. Find what works and continue doing it even if it gets to the point of seeming monotonous. Most successful internet marketers will tell you to find a strategy that works and continue doing that for at least 90 days until you master it and you will see insane results. Great interview.
    Freddy Rodriguez´s last blog post ..How to Go From Making $32 an Hour to $115,000 an Hour with The “Frame”


  4. Matt Says:

    Really enjoyed listening to the audio, great stuff in there. Just shows when you are consistent and take action the results will come. Thanks for posting the audio

    Matt´s last blog post ..Should You Have No Regrets?


  5. Annie Says:

    One thing my dad thought me is not to let frustrations hinder you from success. I guess that’s really true. Because you’ll be far behind from success if you will be affected by your frustrations.
    Annie´s last blog post single-lens reflex cameras


  6. Viola Tam Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I could not say thank you enough for interviewing Frank and sharing his story!

    The exhausted warm market scenario can be very frustrating for many new networkers. Without a system that can bring in a constant stream of targeted leads, serious network marketers simply would not have enough people to talk to! Even if we are happy to go out and connect with total strangers, that is ACTIVE marketing strategy. A PASSIVE stream of incoming leads needed to be in place for long term success.

    I agree with Freddy about ‘train a little and implement a lot right away’. Finding what works and continuing to implement at least 90 days until you master it is a great piece of wisdom! Frank’s advice is priceless – keep the FOCUS and go beyond the 90 days, until we have RESULTS! No quitting is the key!

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam´s last blog post ..Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


  7. Jamella Biegel Says:

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for this interview. I can totally relate to Frank’s story. When I joined my company I didn’t have much Network Marketing experience. However, I was able to enroll 20 people from my warm market, within 6 months. Then I hit the wall! As I realized that my warm market had been saturated, I knew I had to find prospects in a different way. Luckily someone introduced me to MLSP.

    Thanks to Frank for sharing his story. It’s much appreciated.
    Jamella Biegel´s last blog post ..Take The Time To Backup Your Computer…It’s Worth It


    • Viola Tam Says:

      Hi, Jamella,

      You are not alone about hitting the wall. It is a common experience that many network marketers face. I am glad that you have found MLSP too :)

      Having said that, for some people, simply relying on the wram market can work well if they have a relatively large circle of influence. They can have one or two people joining them (for product or business) out of only 20. From there, getting referrals and assisting their new members to get their new team members would be two of the best strategies to go :)

      This is, however, active marketing. In MLSP and other online systems, the lead generation part can be passive once a solid foundationn is laid. For example, SEO optiminzed blog posts can generate leads, the article published at eZine can stay in the net forever! The clickable advertisements on the right side of this post can generate leads! When following the right strategies, leads are everywhere :)

      Viola Tam
      Viola Tam´s last blog post ..Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      When you hit the wall that is where having a mastermind of coaches can really make a difference.


  8. Melanie Says:

    That seems to be very interesting! I would really love to have that chance to have a lot of leads.
    Melanie´s last blog post ..the best mens scrubs


  9. Alan Turner Says:

    Terry, again you have delivered pure content that everybody can learn from.

    I think again, people need to take away that continual learning will not help you achieve your goals if you are not actually applying and implementing those skills you have learned.

    And, anyway, you only hone your skills by applying your knowledge. I think this is a fantastic story and is a great testimonial of what the online world has to offer somebody who can apply what they have learnt to get what they want!

    Alan Turner´s last blog post ..User Experience – Do We Provide Customer Satisfaction To Our Site Visitors?


  10. Joel Burrell Says:

    I knew the Blues Man before he became a superstar and am lucky enough to have him on my team in my primary business. I couldn’t be happier for the guy!
    Joel Burrell´s last blog post ..Network Marketers you SUCK!!!!


  11. David Sharp Says:

    This really is so inspiring Terry and shows just what can be achieved if you really focus and decide to go for it. I love these great interviews on The Terry Petrovick Show.

    David Sharp´s last blog post ..7 Steps To Success In Network Marketing


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