Why I Joined Nerium International… Skincare…Me?

By on October 10, 2012


Why Did I Joined Nerium International? I See Something Special!

Being a network marketing professional is one of greatest professions on the planet and it is one of the best things that I have ever done for my family.

It is called creating “Quality Of Life”.

I love being surrounded by positive uplifting people who are all about helping and supporting you to achieve the success that you desire.

I have met some amazing high quality people over the past 18 years.

A couple of weeks ago Christina, my daughter was at a Nerium International business meeting.

She sent me a photo of herself and Jeff Olson, author of the best selling book “The Slight Edge.”

Jeff Olson has one of the best reputations in the entire industry.   He is a champion for helping people to become better through personal development. I LOVE that about him!

I also love the fact that Jeff has had incredible success as rep and company owner. He is a master at creating systems for success and duplication.

If I have learned anything about business it is that ‘success leaves clues.’

Jeff’s success is a BIG one!

The fact he has started a new company is BIG!

Being in the right place at the right time (prior to the big Momentum) is a rare thing and if you are lucky enough to find it, getting involved is very smart.

What I’ve learned about Nerium is the product creates a highly level of emotional excitement because it works. The product is based on real science. The combination of these two critical elements equals big success!

I believe this business will change your life if you let it.

How can I say that?

Well, it has already happened for so many people and it is just getting started.

Whether you are interested in looking younger, improving your skin or wanting to create a little extra cash or a serious 7-figure income… this is a real opportunity that is here for you to fully embrace to change your quality of life.

The before and after pictures above say it all…

Nerium AD Before and After Pictures

Nerium AD Before and After Pictures

This business is Fun and Easy!

I have been a full time network marketing professional for over 18 yrs, I have earned over $1 million dollars personally and more important than that is I have helped people on my team to earn over $1 million dollars.

I can help you.

I say any of this to brag or boast but to simply ask you this question…

If you took the best of what you have to offer and I took the best of what I have to offer, do you think you could get from where you are financially to where you want to go more quickly?”

Let me take you back in time, this is especially important if you don’t know me that well.

I got into this profession because of quality of life.

I had been working crazy hours at my job and one morning my son Matt, who was 8 yrs old at the time climbed into my lap and asked “Dad, do you still love me?”

With tears rolling down my cheeks I asked “Why would you ever say that Matt?” 

He just looked at me and said, “I just never see you any more.”

He broke my heart but changed my life the day.

Six months later I quit my corporate job and I have been working at home ever since.  You can meet Matt, my wife Amy and my daughter Christina and hear what happened form their words by clicking here.

You see, I’m one of the ‘good guys’; I’m the real deal. No hype. Straight talk.

My passion is to help you and people like you create the quality of life that you truly desire. This professional has been amazing for our family’s quality of life.

Would you like more quality on all levels in your life?

I can help you.

So, let’s look at Nerium International and some business facts…

Market Category

  • It is in the mufti-billion dollar anti-aging market, growing at $1Billion/Month
  • Age defying products are projected to reach $114Billion by 2015
  • Americans spend more on looking good than they do on cars or TVs
  • 9 of 10 billion-dollar network marketing companies are in the beauty category
  • It appeals to both men and women
  • Consumer loyalty to skin care, specifically anti-aging is very high!

 Nerium International Sales Specifics

  • Jan 2012: $1Million
  • Feb 2012: $2Million
  • Aug 2012: $10Million
  • On track to do $20Million by Dec 2012
  • And predicted sales of $500Million to $1Billion in 2013!

 Hard Data: Clinical Trials

  • The average result was a 30% reduction in the appearance of
    wrinkles and/or discoloration over 30 days
  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of:
     – Fine lines and wrinkles 
     – Hyperpigmentation
     – Uneven Skin texture
     – Enlarged pores
     – Aging or Sun-Damaged Skin
  • Results are based on the most advanced facial scanning equipment
  • Is based on science and clinical trials see http://NeriumSkin.com

Nerium Leadership Team

  • Jeff Olson, best-selling author of The Slight Edge, he has led other companies to massive success
  • Management team has over 150 years combined experience
  • Youngest company ever featured in Success from Home Magazine and Direct Selling News
  • Record sales and growth in its first six months

If you are still reading then you are intrigued by what I have shared so far… allow me to share the vision of Jeff Olson and what really going on with this company. 

Watch the video below then if you have questions, call me directly at 919-528-9162.


That was pretty eye opening, Jeff made a lot of sense didn’t he?

The fact is I am building a new Nerium team right now. 

I will build this very big; it will be my last run. 

I invite you to join me.

If you are not happy with the income from your efforts with your current company or you think you deserve more, we should talk.

If you want to align yourself with some of the best people in the networking profession, people that will take you by the hand and lead to toward success then we should talk.

I have everything you need to become REALLY successfully with Nerium, if you want to about going to the next level then call me now at 919-528-1962.

Don’t hate yourself later for missing out on this incredible chance to get involved early before we become a household name.

Click here now to be one of the top people in my organization.

Your Success IS My Business.

Allow me to lend a hand.

Global Business Developer

PS If you are interested in working with me on a day to day basis and you are looking for a side project that does not interfere with what you are currently doing that will create a new leveraged income stream then click here.

PSS Want 25 leads per day? Here’s a results driven training system, take the trial now.



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6 Responses to “Why I Joined Nerium International… Skincare…Me?”

  1. John Moussan Says:

    Hey Terry,

    Success definitely leave clues! Those pictures are amazing and its incredible how humans have sought to found the fountain of youth over the ages!

    Anything to keep us young huh? :)
    John Moussan´s last blog post ..The A-A-A Formula For Influencing People…


    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      Indeed John.

      You might find it interesting at my very first exposure to Nerium a 23 yr old girl got a brand new Lexus because of this opportunity.

      Does that make you an old man? LOL

      Business is booming! Don’t let this pass you bye-bye…


  2. Viola Tam Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I adore Jeff Too! The Slight Edge is one of the most powerful book for personal development. It is written in such an easy to read way that ‘ordinary people’ in any ‘ordinary position’ can get understand the message!

    Thank you so much for sharing the business opportunity for ‘Quality of Life’ too. While I have not personally had a huge team or earning millions, I can see myself going that direction! Thanks to leaders like you and many others (past and present) who leave clues!

    I am so glad that you shared your personal turning point with us. Your corporate background and leadership skills are transferrable. As you pointed out, a professional Network Marketer have better quality of life. This is my way of empowering mothers…my way of practising social work….in a very non-traditional way :)

    Success leaves MEANINGFUL clues!

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam´s last blog post ..MLM Prospecting – Why Tom Challan?


    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      Hi Viola, thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping bye.

      Mastering the mundane and taking those baby steps as Jeff describes is critically important if you want to succeed.


  3. Christi Johnson Says:

    Terry…it’s nice to see that you are in a company like this. It looks like a really good fit for you, Terry! Are you now doing two companies or have you changed completely over to Nerium?
    Christi Johnson´s last blog post ..A Step By Step Guide On How To Go Insane….


    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      Hi Christy,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      No, I am not building two companies. I have never met anyone in 18
      years that can do that very well. Please allow me to be transparent.

      I have been with Mannatech for 16 yrs, I built that to over 38,000 reps,
      (it is still growing by the way), I love the product, and I love the residual
      income (I still get a full time income after about not building it after
      all these years).

      The unfortunate truth was, I could see that this business model and their
      marketing was NOT going to get me where I want to go (income wise) in the
      time frame I wanted to get there.

      I have been with Numis Network for over 2.5 years, built that to over
      500 reps, as of this morning that declined to 382. Not a good trend.

      You would think that silver collectible coins would be the perfect
      product in this economy…Not true.

      There is no emotion in it and their message not compelling. I still
      get my coin monthly, I still earn some income but the thing is…
      it did not duplicate for myself or others on my team.

      I could not recommend it to others because it simply did not work for
      most people. This is self-evident with their annual sales and duplication.

      In network marketing, it is not what makes sense…it is what duplicates
      that counts. I had several areas of concern over the last 6 months with
      Numis. A big one was at the 2nd annual convention there was about 500 reps
      there, at the 3rd convention there was only about 350 people in attendance.

      I was not looking for Nerium when it came into my life. My daughter introduced
      it to me (funny thing she introduced me to Numis as well, she has been a full time
      network marketer since age 19, earning $60k her first yr in the business).

      When I looked at the trends, it was a no-brainer.

      At just 14 months old now, Nerium sales in Jan were $1 Million, in Feb: $2 Million, in
      August $11 Million. Projections are $20 Million in Dec and next year as we go
      international projections are $500 Million.

      The fact is anti-aging is growing at $1 Billion a month in just the USA alone!
      It is HIGHLY emotional you could say.

      My first Regional event that I attended had over 2,000 people there, that’s a
      huge difference from Numis.

      So how is it growing for me?

      I just finished my 1st full month and my teams sales volume was 80,735. I
      personally enrolled only 14 people.

      The conclusion: Nerium is wildly duplicatable!
      And it’s incredibly profitable :)

      Can you now see why I have shifted 100% to building Nerium?

      You can see more for yourself at http://WantBetterSkin.com

      Hope that answers your question Christi.


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