Two secret words for an irresistible offer

By on July 21, 2011


Every MLM or network marketer wants people to join their company.  These days with all the (attempted) networking going on in social media; I’m blown away by the number of people who do it incorrectly.

They make a friend request then immediate have a link that basically says: “Join my company!”

This NEVER Works!

It is WAY TOO EARLY in the relationship to make this offer. And even if it was not, they fail to include the word Because and the Benefit for the prospect.

Because and Benefits

These two words go hand in hand.  You must learn to make them part of your everyday thinking and language if you want to become a master prospector.

Always remember, your job is to always answer the question in the prospects mind, “What’s in it for me?”

Most people simply leave the BECAUSE and the BENEFITS out of the conversation.

This is one difference between the successful MLM leader and the amateur.

Which have you been?

Instead of thinking of yourself and your financial returns, think about your prospect and their potential reasons for joining you in your business.

If you put that word at the end of your offer, it forces you to think of your prospects.

Instead of saying: “Join my business!” why not say, “Join my business BECAUSE you will get access to our co-op advertising campaign that will guarantee you 11 fresh, new leads every week.”

See the difference?

Your prospect will not join your business for your reasons, but will join your business for their reasons.

Make sure you know what those reasons are.  Help them out by giving them strong benefits and specific reasons to join your business.

Here are some examples of reasons you could use, by placing these reasons after the word, BECAUSE:

¨  We have weekly opportunity meetings 15 minutes from your house.

¨  I can give you full-time local support for in-home presentations.

¨  We provide free facebook business building trainings.

¨  We concentrate on product knowledge and sales for a long-term, secure income.

¨  Our upline gives training sessions every Saturday.

¨  The last three people I sponsored, I helped each one earn over $800 a month permanent income.

¨  I will be your full-time employee to assist your growth towards the leadership level.

Just remember the words, BECAUSE and BENEFITS, and you’ll be on your way to better a faster organization.

Simply put…creating an irresistible offer will significantly improve your recruiting!

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4 Responses to “Two secret words for an irresistible offer”

  1. Suzann Says:

    Thank you Terry for always reminding us of how to share this opportunity with others. AND how not to ! You are a great leader and support team for so many .


    • terry Says:

      Thanks Suzann for the kind words. I’m just following in your foot steps.

      Make it a better than a terrific day!



  2. Sue Price Says:

    Terry thanks for the great post. I love it “because and benefits”.

    I think we all know people join a MLM or buy anything for that matter for their own reasons. But way too many people seem to miss it or overlook it when they talk to prospects (even though deep down they know).
    You always have such good reminders. Thanks



    • terry Says:

      Thanks Sue! It is true people make it all about themselves and we must have the listening skills to ‘get’ what it is that they are really looking for.

      Make it a better than a terrific day!



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