8 FREE Traffic Sources

By on August 3, 2011

Traffic Generation

8 FREE Traffic Sources

Every online entrepreneur wants more traffic for their site.

FREE traffic is ideal.

Unfortunately, most people get confused, misguided and overwhelmed when it comes to traffic generation.

It is called Information Overload.

Why? It seems every ‘guru’ has their own way of generating traffic in their online marketing efforts.

How do you know who to follow?

My recommendation is to pick one or two people you respect and unplug from everyone else.

The fact is… most of free traffic sources work if… you do.

And is where the breakdown begins for most people.

People get seduced by the next shiny objection (easy traffic and lead generation method )then they go running off in that direction.

The problem is they never get good at, let alone master a free traffic source.

Do you know any one like that?  Hmm…?

Generating free traffic is very doable but you must be consistent with it.

I see it all the time, I’ve done it myself.  A person starts to blog once a week then they disappear for a couple of weeks with no content added to their blog.

Who is going to follow them?

Or they are on Facebook interacting with friend and then they disappear.

Have you seen this too?

The key to get a steady flow of free traffic is being disciplined with yourself so you can produce valuable content and constant interaction with your followers.

In the video below I share the 8 free traffic sources that you can use to create a flow of new traffic to your sites.

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4 Responses to “8 FREE Traffic Sources”

  1. Etieno Etuk Says:

    Awesome tips, Terry. I like the tip of posting on your blog at least 3 to 5 posts a week. I have been doing same on my blog and have seen tremendous increase in traffic.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. terry Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad they are working for you.


  3. William Says:

    Very Interesting. I am always looking for ways to increase the traffic to my website. I have a blog but have not done much with it. I find it hard to update a blog for a classified ads website. Any tips would be appreciated. Will defo look into more blog posting from now on.

    Thanks for the info.


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