How to Motivate Your MLM Prospects

By on February 22, 2012


MLM Prospects Need Your Leadership!

Here is something most people do not get.

mlm prospectsWhat is it?

How to listen, connect and talk with MLM Prospects

Sure, everyone can talk “at” prospects but REALLY listening and connecting with your mlm prospects, having them ‘get’ that you ‘get’ them is a whole other ball game.

To do this properly there are some foundational things that you must do in every conversation.

You must know who you are looking for.

Do you know the characteristics of your ideal mlm prospects?

Do you know where you are going with them?

You must be able to paint a solution that solves their problems with your products or business.  Will they enjoy being part of the community that you are creating?

Can you paint this picture of new possibilities that gets your mlm prospects stirring with emotion?

Done properly, they will follow you anywhere.

FACT: MLM Prospects Join Leaders

Are you the type of person that people will follow? Are you worth following? If not, are you leveraging your leadership team?

The basic question that all mlm prospects will ask themselves is: “Does this person have what it takes to help get from where I am to where I want to go in the time frame I want to achieve my goals?”

Yes, whether you are building online or offline these principles are the same.

In this video you will learn more…

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mlm prospects


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31 Responses to “How to Motivate Your MLM Prospects”

  1. Cat Alexandra@Internet Marketing Success Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I think you’re absolutely right. Anyone who doubts this is not reading the writing on the wall in their own lives.

    If we don’t have people joining us it’s most likely because we’ve done little to inspire their trust.

    One of the great truths is that we will succeed to whatever level we have grown ourselves.

    Successful leaders have been groomed. This process starts with the self. Don’t like the picture you see in the self? Well then work on it! 😉

    Great insights!

    Cat Alexandra
    Cat Alexandra@Internet Marketing Success´s last blog post ..Network Marketing VT (100% Commission) Review


  2. Val Heisey Says:

    The key Terry is to be an excellent listener, and that makes you a good leader! That’s the only way to know what’s going on with them. Great post and Thanks!
    Val Heisey´s last blog post ..MLM Recruiting Tips – How to keep your prospects from running!


  3. David Sharp Says:

    What do they say Terry – ask yourself if you would sign up under yourself – the answer had better be yes.

    David Sharp´s last blog post ..This Network Marketing Pro Took A Day Off Or Did He!


  4. Preston Schumacher Says:

    Leaders are what attract people and after all we want to attract people right.

    Thanks for sharing this key characteristic in becoming a top achiever in network marketing. Not only that but your advice translates perfectly into other aspects of our lives as well.


  5. Alan Says:

    Terry, I can remember as I am sure most of us can that first prospect conversation, and when challenged your answer just sounded “pathetic” and even you would not have followed you at that stage. Thankfully with attraction marketing, as long as you apply the principles, maintain yourself in a position of leadership, you simply cannot go wrong!

    And anyway, who among us want to follow the followers, as you say, if you follow a leader, he/she will get you to where you want to go!

    Keep moving forward.

    Alan´s last blog post ..Mastering Time: How You Can Leverage Every Hour So That You Earn More and Have More Fun!


  6. Jessica Says:

    Great reminder! I myself am a typical Italian hahah and did struggle with this at first (I blame it on genetics hahah).

    But really once you SHUT UP and listen it truly is a game changer for your business. Also be genuine don’t just space out and play the act then pitch, pitch, pitch. Be genuine and really listen to people it truly is amazing how much it helps you develop as a leader and makes you more humble.

    Thats my two cents Terry 😉
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Self Employment Ideas! How To Market Your Garage Sale!


    • terry Says:

      Don’t you mean ‘Crazy Italian?’ lol

      My wife’s family is from Sicily. She has 6 sisters and WOW can they ever talk.

      OK, back to the topic here. Yes, when you really listen and get where people are coming from it makes a huge difference in your ability to connect with your prospects.


  7. Radu Says:

    Hey Terry,
    It all starts with us..if one thinks that is something wrong with the prospect/the world then that person will have a hard time.
    If people don’t trust in you yet to join you/buy from you, that’s ok..the real question is: what are you being and doing to build that trust and serve them. Leadership is develop as we improve the quality of our service.

    Thanks for the reminder Terry!


  8. Chante Epps Says:

    What an extremely important topic that you’ve touched on Terry. People have to understand that when calling prospects you have to put yourself in their shoes.

    Here’s what they’re thinking:

    Can this person lead me?

    Does this person really care about my success?

    If more people would simply increase their listening skills they will see that their prospects just want to be heard and provided a solution for the challenges they’re facing.

    Thanks for the awesome post Terry, as always keep it rocking!

    Chante Epps´s last blog post ..MLM Network Marketing Training To Help You Succeed


    • terry Says:

      You are welcome Chante.

      If you listen to what the prospecting is really saying, you will know exactly what to say to them.


  9. Jamella Biegel Says:

    Hi Terry,

    Learning how to listen and connect is key. If we learn to really listen to what others are saying in their conversations, they will tell us what they need, and we can speak to that. A canned speech won’t work! We have to provide a solution to a need a prospect is having. If we speak to that need and provide a solution, the prospect will want to work with us. Thanks for the reminder about the importance of listening. :)
    Jamella Biegel´s last blog post ..I Love A Challenge!


    • terry Says:

      Hi Jamella, yes I agree we need to listen to a prospect as well as for a prospect. In other words, what is being said and not being said.


  10. Duke Romkey Says:

    Great topic Terry. That’s definitely what is on prospects minds when you are on the phone. I think that’s why they will throw bogus questions at you sometimes, they are trying to see if this guy will “dance” for me and if he will then he’s not the leader for me.

    Keep them coming Terry!
    Duke Romkey´s last blog post ..The Empower Network Review | Uniquely Blunt Strategic Viewpoint


  11. Srinivas Reddy | Ask Sage Says:

    Hello Terry! I’m not in MLM (yet), but I were I’d get a good FEEL for the guy first before I sign up. As you said, does he/she ‘get’ me? Or am I just a spoke in his wheel of ambition?

    It’s easy to read anyone (surprisingly well, I might add) simply by getting on phone with them and talking to them. The voice never lies. All I need to know about someone is in their voice. Nothing impresses (or disappoints) me more than how well (or how poorly) they listen.


  12. terry Says:

    I found out long ago it does not do anyone any good to convince or ‘sell’ someone into the business. It is too much work, no fun and not rewarding for either party.

    I see myself as a problem solver. To do that effectively you must be a good listener…not a talker. lol

    I love helping people to create a better quality of life.

    Some people have an interest and some have a commitment to this. My job is to be there for the people who are looking for what I have to offer…make sense?


  13. Lilach Bullock Says:

    Great post Terry:) I think everyone new in business needs to work with a mentor who can lead them on the right path.

    Whilst I’m not in MLM I can see how important it is to motivate your prospects and that an MLM will be attracted to a leader who can nurture them and help them achieve the success they want:)
    Lilach Bullock´s last blog post ..Should you be Pinterest-ed?


    • terry Says:

      Thanks Lilach. Every successful person typically has a coach or a mentor they can trust…paid or non-paid.


  14. Nathalie Villeneuve Says:

    Great post Terry;) I do feel it’s of up-most importance to feel and act confident when connecting with prospects. You are so right about the fact that people do ask themselves that question when thinking about joining a person in a new company. There is also the element of trust. A new distributor should always rely on 3 way calls when he or she starts to approach prospects! It’s as important as having faith in the vision and mission of your chosen company… Thanks ..great share ~ Nathalie
    Nathalie Villeneuve´s last blog post ..Are We Underestimating The Power Of The Telephone


  15. John Moussan Says:

    One way I would motivate prospects and people is hit them right on their pain spots. Like Jerry Clark says, sometime people are sitting on a nail and they are in pain, but the never get off it because the pain is not severe enough… so sometimes I like to make it severe so it pushes them out of their comfort zone. hehe
    John Moussan´s last blog post ..How To Increase Your Facebook Friends Using Twitter!


    • terry Says:

      Ha! You know that’s right. Sometimes you have to make them feel their own pain to get them to act.


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