7 Principles to Be an Irresistible Sponsor

By on May 19, 2010

Network Marketing

1. Be a Person of Vision. Know where you are going. Say to yourself, “I’m going to be a MLM millionaire by helping people to become successful with online marketing!” This will fuel you and your vision.

2. Be a Person of Passion. Speak your words in text and videos…that’s what online marketing is all about. You must believe you can succeed! Then take your message out to the world.

3. Be a Leader With Out Fear! Go out there and make it happen. Don’t worry about what other people think. Teach others how to avoid the mistakes you made. Add value to the market place. Don’t be a victim, be proactive. Take the lead. Don’t expect people to do things for you. Surround yourself with peers you trust and respect. There is nothing out there that you can’t have. You must be willing to develop the skills to make it happen. Don’t hold on to the negativity, it does NOT serve you.

4. Be a Teacher. Take what you learn and share it. Become a valued resource to others. Become a success by guiding your team. Everyone will benefit.

5. Have Clarity. Know who you want to work with and who you want to attract. There’s a BIG difference between recruiting and building your business. Have a long term vision for success.

6. Practice Relentlessly. Practice the basics. If you want to be the best at what you do then do it more and better than anyone else. Be Excellent. Demand more from yourself than anyone else.

7. Become a Master of Marketing! Learn, practice and teach marketing strategies. Start with one then master it.  Devote at least 4-6 weeks to it then learn another then another.  This is a wash-rinse and repeat formula for success!


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15 Responses to “7 Principles to Be an Irresistible Sponsor”

  1. Randy Kaatz Says:

    Thanks for the meaty presentation.


  2. terry Says:

    Thanks Joy Glad you enjoyed it.

    I see you as an irresistible sponsor and coach!

    Best of Success!



  3. terry Says:

    Hey Brian, I know you are laser focused and not
    a wandering generality!

    Best of Success!



  4. Troy Sweeney Says:

    Hey Terry, That was a great video lots of good info!!! You’re a good teacher, and always enjoy your videos… Keep em coming. Thanks..


  5. Beverly Monical Says:

    Very Good Terry. You are describing yourself to a tee and that’s why I have you as my mentor. Thanks for a great post!You are amazing Terry.


  6. Debra Randle Says:

    Hi Terry, I enjoyed your video presentation today. You are a great mentor and your passion shows in all your videos.


  7. Janice Welch Says:

    Hi Terry!

    Thank you for the great video. It really got me to thinking about how I might take my disadvatage of isolation and turn it into a way to project outward. I don’t have a plan yet, but your talk definately motivated me into making one.

    To Start:
    1. Vision
    2. Passion
    3. Teach
    4. Clarity
    5. Be Relentless
    6. Master Marketing.

    7. Overcome Fear

    Maybe my first step, is to document my journey. From that I will be able to create Step 1 -Vision.

    8. Listen to Motivational tapes & video, like one’s from Terry Petrovick.




    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      Hi Janice,

      I have no doubt that you accomplish your goals
      and the reason is you DO have vision and the
      desire to DO whatever it takes to succeed.

      I believe in you!



  8. terry Says:

    Thank you Val for your kind words. When it is your
    passion it is very easy to share the wisdom of
    the ages. Who says life after 50 is boring! LOL!

    I love this business.

    You have a choice so, make it a better than terrific day!



  9. Dan Martin Says:

    Terry: Great Core of Principals

    Tks in advance!



  10. Sally Shields Says:

    Hey Terry – it is obvious that you have been in this for 2 decades. you are an absolute MASTER!!!

    I am in my 4th month of network marketing. Boy, did I relate to what you said about being impatient and wanting things to go faster! But I have to remember to slow down, educate myself, teach others, and be a great leader.

    Thank you for your caring and wisdom. You are very much appreciated!
    With gratitude and admiration,

    Sally :-)


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