Lessons From a Wanna Be Million Dollar Earner in 1998

By on November 8, 2011


Lessons From a Wanna Be Million Dollar Earner in 1998

Yesterday I got the bug to clean part of my office closet.  I was surprised at the amount of junk I had saved.

I was in major throwaway mode. To my delight, I found some real gems that I think you and I both can learn from.

In 1998, I was at this point in my network marketing career where I had been in involved in about 4 companies in 4 years.  OUCH!

We were tapping into the savings that we set aside for our kid’s college education and Amy, my wife told me to get a ‘real job’ again.

…I had caught the MLM lifestyle bug, I had a dream to be free…

One of my problems was I had met people who had earned millions of dollars in the industry…I just knew in my gut that I could too…but I just didn’t have my act together.

Do you know anyone like that?

In the video below I share some of my lessons (mistakes) from 1998.

Are making some of these exact mistake today in 2011.

Please let me know your thoughts and what lessons you have learned so far in 2011.

By the way, in 2005 I had made my first million dollars in this industry.

That was an incredible time.

More significant was the huge impact we had made on thousands of lives of every day people.

It wasn’t too much longer after that we had helped another couple of people earn over $1,000,000 as well!  Talk about impacting people lives…

Man do I love this profession!

Your Success IS My Business.
Allow me to lend a hand.


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22 Responses to “Lessons From a Wanna Be Million Dollar Earner in 1998”

  1. Beverly Monical Says:

    I bet you had tons to get rid of and I am happy you made this video.You made me think Terry. Great thought provoking words.
    My biggest lesson has been to follow my passion of video and because I did that I have finally seen the success I have been looking for.With all I learned from you in our prior companies that we worked together and your strong coaching,I finally listened 100%.
    Thanks for sharing and I sure miss talking with you.


    • terry Says:

      I’m thrilled you found your passion Beverly. A great coach never hold a student back they encourage them to be the best they can be.

      Best of Success!



  2. Monyelle Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Terry. My lesson from 2011 is don’t fear a minor shift in your business model. Sometimes its necessary but I had to learn and understand that it didn’t mean I was letting go of my passion and dreams. Just creating a new way to reach them.


    • terry Says:

      Right on Monyelle. Business in this economy is always shifting. The people who are set in their ways and not open to growing and adapting will indeed be left behind.

      See you at the top!



  3. Suha Sagban Says:

    Thanks for sharing Terry. Wow, a clearly defined purpose, knowing who you are and having a solid marketing plan-yessss. I must admit i saw results once i got clear and did what I did in the most authentic way. This is awesome, took lots of great insights from this :).


    • terry Says:

      I an glad to hear that Suha. Together we will grow, learn and make a difference…and hopefully not repeat our mistakes.


  4. Ricardo Cobos Says:

    No doubt those are time tested virtues that exist across every industry, not just Network Marketing and they are as true today, perhaps even more so than they were in 1998!

    Thanks for sharing, wanna come help with my office closet?


  5. Duke Says:

    All I have to say is that it was so good that I had to retweet it and I suggest that everybody else do the same because this is something that everyone needs to see and you would be selfish not to share it with your friends!


  6. Penny Turko Says:

    Thanx Terry! Great Lesson! I believe that you have to start at the end (where you want to end up), to determine what you have to do to get there. Great reminder! Thanx!


    • terry Says:

      Ah…to begin with the end in mind. That’s the best approach.

      We must also focus on who that person is that created that success and we must act, think and do things like that person instead of who we are.

      Are current thinking has created the lifestyle we have today so, that has to shift before the rest will.

      Thanks for stopping by. Best of success!



  7. Mark Harbert Says:

    Terry, great post and video. I love really the whole thing, but where you talked about clearly defining your purpose in the beginning, that really hits the nail on the head my friend. How many people struggle in this industry because they fail to define their purpose? A lot!! And the marketing plan to carry it out is just as important. Even though I believe I have nailed these down, it helps me to get more defined as well with your explanation. Great job buddy, thanks for this awesome content!!!! Keep it coming my friend!!!!!

    Mark Harbert


  8. Joe Sandy Says:

    Great video Terry. You are so right about the most basic and misunderstood part of our business… prospecting. Without it, nothing is going to happen. Heck, you can’t even make a mistake to learn from if you say nothing to nobody. Thanks for sharing!


    • terry Says:

      Very true Joe. To get in the game you must build relationships with people and the best way to do that is to just talk to them to find out if there is a fit.



  9. Preston Schumacher Says:

    Awesome post Terry. I very much agree that we all need to take the time to analyze what we have done in the past to help us be more efficient in the present and future.

    The biggest thing I have learned from my own entrepreneurial endeavor in 2011 is staying focused. There are so many things that can be done to grow a business online, but none of them are going to give the results you are looking for unless you can devote your time to one strategy and to master it before moving on.

    In 2012 my main goal is to focus on my natural writing ability to build my presence online and brand myself as an expert in whatever I am involved with online.


  10. Bluesman Of MLM Says:

    Wow Terry, you definitely read my mind! I was thinking about time management and thinking about what I am actually doing! You definitely gave me some insight and need to set my 90 day goals asap! Love this!!

    Bluesman signin’ off!


  11. David Sharp Says:

    Staying focused and having a marketing strategy is the main thing I have learned in 2011 and my biggest mistake is in not doing enough prospecting. Great post thanks for sharing.
    David Sharp´s last blog post ..More Tips For Success In Network Marketing



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