Jay Abraham’s Amazon Copy Writing Secrets

By on February 13, 2012


Copy Writing Secrets will pay you millions!

Scratch that it has made people Billions!

Jay Abraham is a friggin’ copy writing legend.

If you don’t know him and you are marketing online, this is a guy that you must know simply because of his copy writing secrets!

JayAbraham and Copy writing Secrets

Jay Abraham and Copy writing Secrets

I personally stumbled across this video in a rather hidden corner of the online world and wanted to share it with you.

The copy writing secrets and tactics that Jay shares will blow you away.

They are simple and yet profound.

Jay presents his system of http://Amazon.com for copy writing, but if you pay attention, almost every word he says is packed with a mini-copy writing course.

I encourage you to watch his video several times and I promise you will learn something new each time you go through it.

Copy Writing Secrets Lesson 1: There is Magical Money in Titles

For HUGE payoffs study the titles.  Finding and analyzing the empathy, the heart-felt polarization, focusing on frustration instead of hatred as the opposite of love in selling, and on and on and on.

I get a new gem every time I watch it.

Jay recommends that you look through the 100 top selling books on Amazon in your niche and use Amazon’s well-designed and monitored information to guide your copy.

Obviously many of the titles, subtitles and what he calls cross titles will be some of the best researched, at least the most successful, sales writing in the world.

He says you can’t copyright a title, so this is really fertile food for thought.

So, if you are promoting a fat loss program you are going to love this approach.

Copy Writing Secrets Lesson 2: The Customer Reviews Gold Mine

The killer for me was his strategy for customer reviews.

Jay recommends making two lists, one with comments from positive reviews and one with things from negative reviews.

Both sides are usually spontaneous, sincere, emotional (hear-felt) and highly informative as to what people in the niche want badly or are extremely frustrated with.

I even see possibilities of expanding this method beyond Jay’s use.

For instance, if you need to come up with persona ideas for a persona-based presell campaign; you can get great stuff in these reviews. Some personas almost jump off the page at you. These are real personas that are already in the customer base, not ones you imagine might work.

Also, Amazon is not the only place to seek sincere polarized heartfelt opinions from readers.

Epinions comes to mind. I am sure there are many sites like that.

Copy Writing Secrets can also be found in keywords!

I just did a search with Google using different keywords and the results are highly encouraging.

For instance, here are some search possibilities:

“customer reviews” “keyword term”
“reader reviews” “keyword term”
“client reviews” “keyword term”
“member reviews” “keyword term”


I’m sure you will fine some pure gold just sitting there waiting to be used for your niche.

“Every presentation should really be a conversation with your prospect.”

You must make a personal connection.  When you do, they will follow you any where.

For quick “infallible copy” (Abraham’s term, not mine), this method can’t be beat.

Nor can Amazon as a source for that matter.

Here’s Jay Abraham’s Amazon Copy Writing Secrets video.

One more demonstration on the the power of copy writing, here’s a post that I did on copy writing secrets, it is titled: “Don’t Read This or the Kitty Gets it”

Doesn’t that title just make you want to see it?

The response I got from that title was incredible.

I highly encourage you to develop this skill set.  It takes time but it is sure worth it.

Mike Dillard was asked recently if he had to build his business all over what was the one skill he would focus on?

His response was learning how to write copy.

Here’s the best course that I have seen on learn how to master the copy writing secrets it the The Copywriter’s Guild.

Here’s what is covered in this course.

Copy Writing SecretsCopy Writing Secrets

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you learned about copy writing secrets from Jay Abraham.

If you see value in it, please quickly do me a favor and share with others and comment below.

Your Success IS My Business.

Allow me to lend a hand.

Copy Writing Secrets



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30 Responses to “Jay Abraham’s Amazon Copy Writing Secrets”

  1. Preston Schumacher Says:

    I have never heard of Jay Abraham before reading this post. I wish I had though.

    This is going to save me tons of time trying to come up with copy from scratch.


    • terry Says:

      He is one of the highest copy writers and marketers on the planet. If you just study his free stuff you will learn a lot.


  2. Chante Epps Says:

    Thanks Terry for this awesome post, I must admit I’d never heard of Jay Abraham until reading this. Looks like I have some new “ammo” to pick up on youtube and also I’ll check out some of his stuff that you have here on the post.

    Thanks a million Terry, you never cease to over-deliver in value!

    All the Best,
    Chante Epps´s last blog post ..How To Get More People To Notice Your Facebook Page


  3. Kareem Maghrabi Says:

    Hey Terry, just wanted to mention that copywriting is probably one of the most important skills and most people disregard it. To write and be able to create curiosity is definitely a skill all of us marketers need to learn and have!
    Thank you for the awesome post
    Kareem Maghrabi´s last blog post ..How To Generate Multilevel Marketing Leads


    • terry Says:

      I totally agree. And it might surprise people that poor spelling and grammer can actually create more sales. You got to love it.


  4. Alan Says:

    Terry, I absolutely have to agree with you that Jay Abraham is revered as one of the greatest copy writers of all time along with Gary Halbert, who unfortunately passed away in 2007.

    Copy writing is a skill that if mastered can allow you to simply turn on the money tap whenever you want to. It is also a skill that every marketer should at the very least learn about and try to master to as great a degree as they possibly can. It will benefit not only their business but also their life.

    Keep moving forward.

    Alan´s last blog post ..Prospect to Lead to Customer / New Distributor: Just How Should They Be Treated Along The Way?


  5. Val Heisey Says:

    Terry, I had heard of Jay Abraham, but forgot about him and his copywriting tactics until you posted this. Thanks for giving us this great little nugget.

    Val Heisey´s last blog post ..Are all network marketers the same?


  6. Ryan Johnson Says:

    Terry, thanks for sharing, this is awesome information. I’ve never heard of Jay Abraham but I will definetly be looking up is stuff. Mike Dillard’s Copy Writers Guild is a must have for any serious marketer, copywriting can and will take any business to the next level.
    Ryan Johnson´s last blog post ..Keyword Winner Tool Review


  7. John Moussan Says:

    I really like what you keep saying that it should be more of a conversation with the prospect instead of a presentation! Copywriting is a big thing.. my approach is learn the basics and if you really need a special capture page or sales page done outsource to the professionals.
    John Moussan´s last blog post ..8 Figure Lessons From Mark Hoverson & Tim Erway


  8. Jessica Says:

    I have just recently heard of Jay! I cannot wait to start really digging in and understanding copy writing techniques further.

    I also agree with Ryan- Mike Dillard has some pretty fantastic tips on copy writing as well to get anyone new started right.

    Awesome post and happy to see Jay’s name again its a sign to check him out.

    Jessica´s last blog post ..MLM marketing-Are You Flirting With Me?


  9. Nathalie Villeneuve Says:

    Hi Terry, This is golden…Wow! Thanks for all this information…There’s is no way I can take all this greatness all at once so I am bookmarking this and sharing for sure! I have not heard of Jay before but I am sure glad you have introduced him to us! Thank you Terry 😉
    Nathalie Villeneuve´s last blog post ..Why Are You Hiding Your MLM Business?


    • terry Says:


      That’s the sound you will hear ever day Nathalie when you master copy writing. I’m glad to be of service to you.


  10. Kari Baxter Says:

    I love how Abraham uses Amazon! I hear top marketers like Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss, and Ann Sieg talk about the data that can be mined from Amazon. I’ve never thought of studying the top 100 titles though. That’s perfect swipe file content!

    Thanks for sharing this video. I’ll definitely watch it again.

    Kari Baxter´s last blog post ..How Do You Build A Client Base?


  11. David Sharp Says:

    Terry some blog posts are OK and some are awesome, yours come into the latter category thank you.

    It’s only Tuesday and you have given me my second big lesson of the week and that is to learn the skill of copy writing, it has to be essential!

    David Sharp´s last blog post ..Do You Remember Your First Valentine


    • terry Says:

      Thanks for the kind words David. That’s what separates the professional.

      You are going to see great reason with this new skill!

      Let me know if you need help.



  12. Jacob Says:

    Copywriting is a very important to skill to learn especially when marketing or advertising. It will compel people to take action.
    Jacob´s last blog post ..Unbiased Varolo Review – Read Before Joining


  13. Jamella Biegel Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I haven’t heard of Jay. Thanks for sharing him with us. I look forward to checking out his video. Headlines/titles are definitely the hook that draws our readers in. So any help I can get in doing this would be greatly appreciated!
    Jamella Biegel´s last blog post ..Time Management Is Part of Personal Development Too


  14. Easther Says:

    wow Terry awesome piece of content. I never heard the name Jay Abraham until I read this post. It’s an awesome information!, I am bookmarketing this so i can come back in the later time
    thanks for sharing this information to us Terry

    ~ Easther
    Easther´s last blog post ..Increase web traffic Cheaply and Effectively: 11 Virtually Easy Ways


  15. Srinivas Reddy | Ask Sage Says:

    Words can be “just words” or they can function as true catalysts. In the hands of a good copywriter, it’s the latter. It just occurred to me that all authors (me included) are practicing copywriting skills, unbeknownst to us. The ones who get this art down have the keys to connect with their audience.

    Thanks for this awesome post, Terry. It’s a powerful reminder how we’ll all do well to hone and master this craft.
    Srinivas Reddy | Ask Sage´s last blog post ..I Could Eat A Horse


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