The Review – Can You Really Create eBooks that Easily?

By on May 8, 2012

Free Reports

No question…ZinePal is your eBook Pal is a great free tool that you can use to re-purpose your blog content.

What is re-purposing you ask?

It is doing the work one and slightly modifying it or dressing it up a little more to share it again.

ZinePal gives you the ability to take the content on your blog and put it into an eBook to give away.  

Pretty sweet huh?


Now imagine, if you have create great content on Facebook Marketing or How to create your own MLM Leads or let’s say that you did several reviews on the My Lead System Pro System … you can now take that content on your blog and offer it as a give away to your followers.

Talk about a targeted give away….WOW!

But hang on…can you use if you do not have a blog?

ZinePal rocks for non-bloggers too!

Imagine this…you are just starting to build your business online (or think about the people on your team who have just started to get online and they do not yet have a blog).

This FREE tool (this is priced right for them right?) allows them to collect the best content on any subject and create a professional eBook and no cost to them and ZinePal allows them to do this with very little effort.

ZinePal can also be used to create a lot of traffic to your site of choice.

ZinePal Free vs Paid Version?


Zinepal creates eBooks in PDF and Kindle formats. You will find that it is one of the easiest ways to make eBooks.

In the video below you will see just how easy it is to use to create eBooks!


Download an example of a Special Report called The 7 Secrets Building a Successful MLM pay attention to the banner ads in the report!  Pretty Cool.

Please leave your comments and questions about ZinePal below.

Your Success IS My Business.

Allow me to lend a hand.


Global Business Developer

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28 Responses to “The Review – Can You Really Create eBooks that Easily?”

  1. Debbie D. Reynolds Says:

    Great tip…I enjoyed it! Glad you shared this info with us, Terry! I will begin using immediately. Debbie Reynolds at


  2. CEZAR Says:

    Thanks for the tip Terry – Just signed up for my free account now! Looks interesting.


  3. Nathalie Villeneuve Says:

    Wow! This does look really interesting…I think I even could give it a go… I finished a video for our blog as a free offer but I think that to have the option to offer e-books is great!
    Nathalie Villeneuve´s last blog post ..Make Money Get Slim


  4. Matthew Says:

    Great tips.

    Thank you for sharing. I think I can really use this.

    – Matthew
    Matthew´s last blog post ..How one coaching skill will help you become a better parent and more profitable in an MLM home business.


  5. Viola Tam Says:

    Hi, Terry,

    What a wonderful tool! Thank you so much for sharing.

    I have already had my eBook project outsourced…but this is certainly something that I will be exploring more! I LOVE the advertising banner feature in particular :)

    You are indeed “Working Thanklessly Without Pay” Leader, Terry.
    I do appreciate you!

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam´s last blog post ..Network Marketing the No Excuses Way!


  6. Kyle Says:

    Hey Terry,

    I got to say sounds amazing! I am for sure going to give it a closer look. From the video it looks like it has a very friend user interface and if a blogger can leverage it right they could really see some results.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome website with us!
    Talk soon
    Kyle´s last blog post ..Mental Stress and How To End It For Good With Stress Response


  7. Val Heisey Says:

    Terry, thanks for giving the tutorial on zinepal. I have it on my list of tools to start using, but haven’t done it yet. Will have to dig in and do it now. Love the ability to advertize. You always give so much value to us, and I appreciate that.
    Val Heisey´s last blog post ..Powerful Guerrilla Marketing Tactic Brings Crazy Results


    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      You are very welcome Val. I love the fact that you can now re-purpose your content, give it away and get more traffic. It is a beautiful thing.

      What are some of the other great tools on your list?


  8. Juli Becker Says:

    Wow, Terry, I have always wanted to create an ebook from several of my posts. This is GREAT! Thanks so much for sharing! Juli
    Juli Becker´s last blog post ..Do You Emulate The 7 Characteristics Of A Master MLM Prospector?


  9. Jammie Says:

    This is just too great! I am planning to come up with an e-Book; I’ll give this tool a try.
    Jammie´s last blog post ..child bedroom furniture


  10. Rebecca Woodhead Says:

    This is RIGHT up my street! Wow! First of all, I’m a total word nerd, so anything that makes it easier to put together books is a major bonus to me. Secondly, I’m a big fan of re-purposing content. I actually wrote an article about it for a magazine this month. I call it ‘bubble and squeak marketing’ and it’s such a great strategy. Thanks so much for sharing this Terry.
    Rebecca Woodhead´s last blog post ..Should I Quit My Job?


  11. Chante Epps Says:

    Oh Terry, this is GOLD. Thanks for the share my friend, why are you so friggin’ awesome? 😉
    Chante Epps´s last blog post ..One Crucial Element To Why Your Success Is Being Delayed… (Part 1)


  12. Kevin Says:

    Hey Terry! Great tool here. Will check it out for sure. Definitely seems like a good way to create content for the drip, drip, drip methodology! By the way – it was great to meet you in Ft. Myers! Hope to catch up with you again soon. :)
    Kevin´s last blog post ..Recruiting Professionals Into Your MLM


  13. Amy Jo Neal Says:

    This is awesome Terry. I have been wanting to create a couple of ebooks. Now I have tools! Thanks for the great resource!!

    “The Marketing Lioness’


  14. Cao Says:

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the review.

    I tried to test this PDF/eBooks tool.
    I was not able to preview my eBook on line from It gives me a blank area, nothing shows up. However the downloaded copy is fine, I can download it onto my computer, open it with PDF reader. It keeps the page layout as well, which is really cool feature.

    Another problem is it includes an extra part of the source page which I do not like and can’t find a way to get rid of it. The source page is It is a WordPress based blog with comment enabled. If there is an option not to convert the comment area to the final ebook, then this tools is surely to be the best choice for eBooks users.



    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      Your not being able to see it is probably a browser problem. There is an edit feature that you can use to modify the the ebook as ou see fit. Check out the FAQs on their site.

      Thanks for stopping by…


      • Cao Says:

        Hi Terry,

        I just downloaded a new PDF reader and it seems to fix the issue.
        The online ebook converter tool provides some basic editing feature, it seems the paid version allows ‘advanced’ editing. However I am fine to be with just the basic editing features for now.

        Thanks for your help.



  15. Jide Ogunsanya Says:

    Great tool there. I will subscribe for a year plan asap and start using it to create reports from my popular blog posts. Will also use it to diversify my links at scribd and also try and see if I can use it o make money at fiverr
    Jide Ogunsanya´s last blog post ..Happy Eid-Mubarak To Muslims


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