Is MLM Recruiting and Selling Evil?

If you are like me you probably have heard it many times…

  • Sales people are evil, sleazy and not trust worthy
  • I can’t sell and I can’t recruit
  • Those home based business things never work

You know, just writing this makes me laugh.

I had two conversations yesterday with prospects that said home based businesses don’t work.  They said, “You spend your money then you are left on your own with no training or support.”

I’m wondering if they stopped to look at their role in this equation?

Most people never do.

In fact, most people never take responsibility for their lack of success, instead they cast blame of everyone else.

I said to them, “I’ve been doing this full time for 18 years, I’ve earned over one million dollars; more importantly, I’ve help some of my team members earn over one million dollars.  There no way either of those things could have happened if I was not dedicated to the success of my team members.”

Their response was “You are different.”

My response, “Exactly! Are you ready to get started?” Then their excuses came…people are interesting.

The Sales Approach 

The approach some people have with prospects is just about what they have to offer and they focused on making the sale and they use pressure tactics.  No cool.

Have you ever experienced that?

Is that your approach?

While you might not think of yourself as a pressure sales person, I want you to think about how you interact with your prospects online.

Do you attempt to make a new friend on Facebook and in the same note send them a link to you business opportunity?

It is very common.

If you do that, you are pressure selling. It is a BIG TURN OFF!

Most people dislike selling because they have never taken the time to get training on it.

Sales and marketing are your responsibility…get educated.

The system that I recommend to learn marketing and selling online is My Lead System Pro.

Their strategies work and are proven with thousands of reps around the world.

And yet I hear some people say that system does not work or it was just too complicated for me.  I’m sorry but that is just BS.

Anytime you learn something for the first time it is hard and uncomfortable but that is where the growth is.

Sometimes I have to go through information 3 or 4 times before I get it.  I do what it takes.

Your Bread and Butter

Your bread and butter in your business is your ability to sell and recruit.

How’s your recruiting?

Have your studied how to do it properly?

Do you know how to have posture?

Have you practiced it?

A tale of two sales approaches.

Approach #1

My wife, Amy and I went with my son, Matt, to Men’s Warehouse so he could buy some new suits for a new job he just got.

We were at the rack and a salesman walks up and aggressively sticks his hand out to Matt and says my name is Blah Blah (sorry I don’t remember his name).  Then he does the same thing to Amy and then to me.

His approach was a turn off to me.

I did not even want to shake his hand.  Amy and Matt thought I was nuts. He came on way to strong for me.

I hate to be sold but I love to buy.

So ‘my preferred’ method of being sold to is give me the information when I ask for it and I will make my own decision.

Approach #2

A couple of days later, Amy and I went to the shopping mall.  I can’t remember when I did that last. But we went there because that was where the Apple store was.

It was the same scenario.

We were looking to buy. Only this time it was a computer not a suit.

The store was flooded with sales people. Someone greets you at the door then there were a couple of sales reps in each section of their computers and iPods and iPads.

We walked to the MacBook Air section and I started my own show and tell with Amy then she had a question that I could not answer.

I looked up and caught the attention of a young 20 something sales rep, waved him over and he answered our question and asked us a few more questions.

Questions like: Have you owned an Apple before? What are you looking for?  What will you use it for?  Will you travel with it?

Then he told us his perspectives and asked is there anything else?

We said no and he said thanks for stopping by.

When we walked out of the store Amy said, “Wow, that was pretty cool. Those guys were great.”

It was the same basic experience…we when into a store to shop.

Apple has it together.  There approach was modern and up today.  The Men’s Warehouse was the old school; you got a prospect, now sell them.

Translate this to your business.

For me personally, I ask my prospects questions then I tell the story of my product and or my business in a way that meets the prospects needs.

I believe every presentation should not be a presentation but a conversation.

I give customers a different set of basic information then people who are looking for a business.

Here are some examples:
  Customer Presentation:
  Business Presentation:

Once they review either presentation that they are interested in, we have an intelligent conversation about how my products and business can help them solve their problem. 

Normally these people want to start collecting assets because they have done a pretty poor job of collecting assets or they want to earn some additional income for retirement, college for a child or something else. 

The specific reason for this is different every time.  Everyone’s story in unique to them.

A good sales person asks questions then they solve problems for prospects.

When done properly the whole experience is enjoyable and fun.

Here’s a great explanation from  Joe Polish on the topic of “Is Selling Evil?”


Joe is also offering a new program called The Business Multiplier.  It is free, you will just pay for shipping.  You can learn more about it at

WARNING: Joe is a master sales guy! He love marketing!

Just study his methods.

Get the course and pay the $7 for shipping, I think you’ll get a lot out of it.

If you want to study recruiting/selling in our business check out Ray Higdon’s Sponsoring Secrets course.

I love his style and approach. I think you will too.  I highly recommend it.

Here in the USA, tomorrow is the 4th of July.  We call it Independence Day.  It is about Freedom.

This home based business profession that you and I are in can absolutely create financial independence for you no mater where you live.

Learn the key skills for selling. 

Focus on solving the problems of your prospect and you will quickly rise to the top.

If you have questions or need help let me know, I’m here to serve.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about selling, it is good or evil profession?

Your Success IS My Business.

Allow me to lend a hand.

Global Business Developer

PS If you are interested in working with me on a day to day basis and you are looking for a side project that does not interfere with what you are currently doing that will create a new leveraged income stream then click here.


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11 Responses to “Is MLM Recruiting and Selling Evil?”

  1. Etieno Etuk Says:

    Right on point, Terry. Learn to solve the problems of your prospects and they will buy from you time and time again. MLM recruiting and selling are not evil. It’s just that there are so many people who are doing it the wrong way.

    Thanks for sharing this post as it has opened my eyes to how not to prospect in MLM and selling.


  2. Viola Tam Says:

    Hi Terry,

    You are spot on!

    Your response, “Exactly! Are you ready to get started?” followed by their excuses is not at all surprising! I have heard all these BS for years too!
    People are indeed interesting!

    It takes love and courage for a leader to have an ‘intellectual conversation’ and sales skills to assist the prospect to reach a decision that is evaluated from an objective angle.

    I LOVE Joe’s video! Great wisdom that you are sharing here, Terry!
    Keep up your wonderful work :)

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam´s last blog post ..Internal & External Communication for MLM


  3. Sue Price Says:

    Hi Terry
    I know many people have this weird idea about sales. I guess I have been in and owned businesses way too long to think of sales in a non-positive way. I love, love listening to a great sales person. I am referring to one who asks questions and comes up with a solution.

    I think it is really common in network marketing though for people to be hung up about it.

    I love that video.

    Great message

    Sue Price´s last blog post ..Pro Blog Academy – Module 4


    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      Thanks Sue. Actually I think the people who have hang ups about selling are the one who have done it with no training. Unfortunately in network marketing many time people are just told to go talk to your friends and family with no script or training…not ideal for sure.


  4. David Says:

    Hi Terry,

    Enjoyed your post! It has always puzzled me how some people equate selling with something evil, as though they are being tricked into doing something that is not in their best interest. I chuckled when he said the people who talk down selling are the ones who are not good at it. He really hit the nail on the head there.

    Have a Great Day!
    David´s last blog post ..Companies Operating in the Online Marketing Industry


  5. Adrienne Says:

    Hey Terry,

    My Dad was a salesman and he critiqued every single salesman we ever came in contact with throughout my entire life. Trust me the majority of them were like that Men’s Warehouse guy, crappy.

    When it came time for me to make a career decision he wanted me to go into sales because of my outgoing personality. Unfortunately, I never got to be around my Dad when he was in that mode, only other people so I ran for the hills and when I come across a good one I was sold.

    It’s understandable that people get this confused and don’t understand the difference between selling and recruiting. You’ve definitely done a fabulous job of explaining it here so thank you for that.

    If you guys need any help in this industry, Terry is your man. I sincerely mean that because he’s my mentor and he hasn’t survived 18 years in the industry because he didn’t know what the heck he was doing. Learn from the best and forget all the rest. Oh yeah!

    Have a great weekend.

    Adrienne´s last blog post ..What Are You Thinking


    • Terry Petrovick Says:

      Not only survived but THRIVED!

      I LOVE MLM!

      Just like anything, when you come from a place of integrity people are attracted to you.

      I just got home 30 minutes ago from taking to my dad to the eye doctor, a guy who I never talked to entered one of my sales funnels.

      I gave him a quick call and enrolled him at our BIG Package level which is $1,500. He did not hesitate for a second.


      Like Adrienne, he gets the value in being aligned with the right people at the right time.

      If you are reading this, know this…

      …Adrienne Smith (the Relationship and Blogging Expert) and I are building a new team and we are interviewing people who are qualified. Self directed, motivated, ambitious and hungry for a better quality of life.

      Is that you?

      Then get with one of us…

      And go to the TOP!


  6. Viola Tam Says:

    Hi, Terry,

    I enjoy reading some of the great comments from other readers! Sadly, many people still have quite a negative image about selling. It is particularly important that we, as professionals, continue what we do. “Aligned with the right people at the right time”! What a wonderful way to express our professionism!

    As one of my fellow network marketer friends shared, SHARING means allowing the other person to see what they were not initially aware of. As Jeffrey Combs said, Network Marketing is “Collaborative Marketing”. We need to eduate and empower others AND leave them to make their own intelligent decision (about their health, life, future situation, etc).

    I appreciate your insights, Terry!

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam´s last blog post ..Internal & External Communication for MLM


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