Can Young People Make Money in MLM? An interview with Jessica Higdon

Can young people make money in mlm – interview with Jessica Higdon

This is the question that a lot of people ask…can young people make money in MLM?Can young people make money in mlm

Yes you might know some people who also ask…

Can baby boomers make money in MLM?

Can nurses, truck drivers, students and senior citizens make money in MLM?

No matter what demographic you are in or your prospect is… in the answer to that question is in the video below.

There is a better question to ask than can young people make money in MLM…

…it is what does it take to become successful in MLM?

Or what has been getting in your way?

I’m mean really. 

Think about it. 

No matter what the problem or the situation you can always find someone who had it worse, who had to over come challenges time times bigger than yours.

Can young people make money in MLM — gimme a break!

In the video with Jessica Higdon she will cut to the chase and answer the question: can young people make money in MLM.

You will also learn what you must change to create success (today), you realize perhaps you are spending your time with the wrong people, what you must do daily to make money in your MLM and the tool that you can use to slash the time it takes to become a top income earner.Can young people make money in mlm

Grab a pen and some paper… you are going to love what Jess has to say about can young people make money in MLM.

You will hear how Jessica and Ray Higdon went from being in foreclosure to earning over $50,000/month in their MLM!


As you can see, the answer is is clearly, “YES! Young people can make money in MLM and here’s the MLSP system info.”

Let me know what stood out for you in the video…

Your Success IS My Business.

Allow me to lend a hand.

Can young people make money in mlm

Global Business Developer

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13 Responses to “Can Young People Make Money in MLM? An interview with Jessica Higdon”

  1. Timothy Willan Says:

    Thanks Terry! That is one of things that is real important in any thing you do is having believe in your self, Following the right people and getting something from them and hanging on to that!


  2. Deborah West Says:

    That was awesome, Terry. I am still working on MLSP and FB. Ray and Jess are so inspiring and their success story brings me to tears every time I hear it. I am so happy for them.


  3. Tom Bradley Says:

    Hey Terry,

    Great interview…thanks for using the mics…nice professional touch that makes for such a great video…

    Jessica is a pro, regardless of her age. I opted into Ray’s list and got a follow up call from Jessica. Not very common in our industry…

    Tom Bradley´s last blog post ..Brian Fanale Reveals Copywriting Secrets At No Excuses Summit 3


  4. Jeremy Says:

    A very inspiring interview. Jessica is a perfect example of the youth who is willing to take risks and doing all her best to be successful in the field.
    Jeremy´s last blog post ..jamorama software


  5. Beverly Monical Says:

    Thanks Terry. I have some young people on my team and I am sharing this with them.
    Beverly Monical´s last blog post ..Tips on Body Language-Part 1


  6. Says:

    Hello, Great post.Really Jessica is great.Having an ability to face risk and problem.There is lot of thing to learn from this post.keep posting dear i like to see your next post.


  7. Terry Petrovick Says:

    I totally agree she rocks!


  8. Mike Martinez Says:

    Great job with the interview. Jessica is a great inspiration for people of any age. Like Ray, she offers tremendous value.


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