3 Rejection Free / Low Cost Marketing Strategies

By on August 31, 2012

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3 Rejection Free / Low Cost Marketing Strategies

No one likes to be rejected.

Many good people are over sensitive about approaching people and being rejected.  If they ever get someone who is interested in their business they could build an incredible business.

If this is you or someone you know, here are three rejection free low cost marketing methods.  These have been proven for decades. 

Your job is to do what you should be normally doing…taking action and getting out there and marketing.

All of these marketing methods are rejection free.

Most people love this approach.

3” Curiosity Buttons

This approach was make famous by Herbalife years ago.  There button said, “Lose Weight, Ask Me How?”

This is obvious a compelling marketing message and it will cause the ideal prospect who has the interest and desire to approach a stranger to say, “Tell me more about that.”

And that is what every distributor wants…right?

This approach will work with virtually any product or business.

Here are some other examples:

“FREE Silver Ask Me How” (if you are marketing silver assets)

“Want to look 10yrs younger?” (if you are marketing skincare)

“Slash your cell bill, ask me how” (if you are marketing cell service)

“We’re Looking For 3 Good People” (this is a business approach)

“Ask Me About My Thousand Pound Dog” (this is a business approach)

“Want to Be Paid to Prospect?” (Great for marketing MLSP)

You get the point here.  It is pretty easy and simple to use this method.

Here’s an example of a button that I created in less then 5 minutes at JustButtons.org.



The Fish Bowl Business Card Builder

My guess is that you have seen this one many times but have never acted on it.  Well, maybe you put your business card in there but probably never used it to generate your own leads.

The best place to put them is in restaurants and dry cleaners. The text should say something like “Win a free meal, drop your business card” or “FREE Suit Cleaning, Drop Your Business Card.” 

The fact is a very tiny percentage of businesses have them so they are prime targets for you. With one or two strategic locations you will be able to get a constant flow of local leads to grow your business.

Remember, do the drawing monthly and be sure to pick up the cards weekly.

Call the runner ups and provides them with a Free CD on your business or products. Be sure to call them and confirm their mailing address.

The Local Expert

This is the most power rejection free method of all.

When you become a local expert in network marketing, people will immediately respect you. People who are just getting involved with the profession will look up to you.

Look for civic groups and organizations that you can speak at, you will typically find through the chamber of commerce. When you call a group request the opportunity to speak to those club presidents explain that you would like to come to one of their meetings and deliver a 20 min generic industry presentation on the difference between illegal pyramids and legitimate Network Marketing companies.

Most people are confused about the difference.  Point out that Network Marketing is a very interesting field and people sometimes get burned because they don’t know how to evaluate legitimate companies.

Explain that it is your job to inform them on how to do just that. And you will not be speaking about any specific company.  After the presentations people will approach you and give you their contact info.  These are the people that you can speak specifically about your business.

These 3 Rejection Free / Low Cost Marketing approaches should be able to help you with your lead flow.

If you have questions or comments please leave them below. PLEASE share this post with your team members and your other friends in the MLM  profession. They will THANK YOU!

Your Success IS My Business.

Allow me to lend a hand.

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  1. Ron Gelok Says:

    Hey terrry,
    these are some great strategies!!! Another one like the button, you can do the same thing but make a vehicle magnet with 24hr recorded message. I got the fishbowls in the garage im going to get those out asap.
    Ron Gelok´s last blog post ..Cool Way to Generate Endless Free MLM Leads


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