About Terry Petrovick

Terry Petrovick’s background is the software industry for 14 yrs. starting out at IBM then 20+ yrs. as an entrepreneur in the network marketing profession.


He has developed teams of over 40,000 reps in 25 countries. Some of his students have earned over $1,000,000 working from home.


His “Straight Talk” radio show is on the Home Business Radio Network and has listeners in 120 countries.


Terry is known globally for teaching people how to live happy, stay young and for inspiring others, his site HappinessToSuccess.com has gotten rave reviews.
His journey in the network marketing profession began with his 8 yr. old son, Matt climbing into his lap one Saturday morning asking, “Dad, do you still love me?”

That day his heart was broke and his life was changed. Six months later he quit his corporate job and went to work to get his life back and to become the dad and the husband he wanted to be.  Watch his “Road to Freedom” story unfold.
Terry believes most people want more financial security and more time to create the lifestyle they truly desire… but they do not know how to create it.  That’s where he comes in.
Terry has been married to his hero and best friend, Amy, for 34 years. They have two children, Matt age 30 and Christina, age 33.

Interestingly enough, Matt now works at IBM in outside sales and is on the fast track.

Christina is 2nd generation network marketing professional. She has been full time right out of high school, at age 19, she earned over $60,000 her first year in the business.

Christina loves this profession like her dad. It gives her the time freedom to be there for her amazing 5-year-old son, Bash.


Bash was born with a very rare condition called Arthrogryposis. It is a congenital disorder that is characterized by multiple joint contractures, muscle weakness and fibrosis. This profession allows Bash to get the treatments he needs. You can learn more at http://BashDimpleton.com


For Terry it has always been about family first. Terry’s passion is about helping people to create the quality of life they have dreamed of. He did and he knows he can help them do it too.



Specialties, Skills, Passions


Happiness workshops, wealth building principles, networking, speaking, social media, branding, Internet marketing, leadership development, coaching, copy writing, marketing, anti-aging solutions, relationship marketing, network marketing


Additional Honors & Awards

– Awarded “Outstanding Business Builder”
– Awarded “Top Recruiter”
– Built teams of over 40,000+ reps in 25 countries
– Earned $1,000,000+ personally
– Helped team members earn $1,000,000+
– Inner Circle Instructor for Top Marketers
– Recognized Super Affiliate and Online Marketer
– Awarded Top 50 MLM Blog
– Radio Talk Show Host, “Straight Talk with Terry Petrovick”